What to expect.

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  1. My friend is looking at a 1989 mustang 4 banger. Its a 5 spd the body i very straight except for some surface rust the interior is pretty nice and it has ponies. He was wonderign what can he do to make it run nice, sound nice and make it have more power? 0 its not a turbo either.
  2. pull the motor out and swap a turbo motor in. its a waste of money to make those have more power. But you can very cheap make it sound decent, pull air silencer off front of airbox (little plastic neck on the front goes into the grill), take the air resonator off the intake line (big plastic thing that looks like a football says ford on it) put exhaust on it. Tune up and your done...
  3. If you can find a turbo motor...
  4. he really wnats it too sound good anyone know of exhaust companies for the 2.3'S? O will insurance be real high? Do you guys have a guestimate of how much it will be he is a first time driver.
  5. if hes 16, he's prolly gonna consider riding a pedal bike when he sees his insurance quote. Usually an insurance company's website will give you free online quotes.

    If you want, you could put duel exhust on it, with say flowmasters. Some people say it will sound great, others hate it. Personally, I wouldn't waste my time/money until I had a better motor.
  6. well for my first stang which was an 87 vert 2.3 and now my 88 2.3 hatch i think it was like 120 a month on high liability that was when i was 16 its not like 90 i think and im 21. yea and the way to go is turbo for the power
  7. Insurance varies from person to person. I pay $800/year for liability only (covers only the other person's car if I hit them, not my own). No one make an exhaust kit for the 2.3, at least not that I've seen. Get a long tube header, cat/muffler/tailpipe of your choice and weld it (or have it welded) together with some steel pipe.
  8. well for insurance lets see here... i got
    2 speeding tickets (under 60mph)
    1 gross exhibition of speed (clocked me at ~135mph)
    4 no fault accidents
    1 fault accident
    1 DUI

    i still only pay 67 a month for my SVO and my beater mazda van granted im 24 and those incidents that i stated happend a couple years ago so... when i first got my license i think i payed 112 a month