what to i need to install it?

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  1. i just got my gt grill yesterday and the guy at ford told my i need to modify the bumper. is it true?

    i don't think i really want to cut in my bumper :eek:

    somebody really knows how to install it and what are the mods i should do?

    thanks for your time!
  2. afixer is right, i put a GT grille in my V6 when i first got it. It was a pain. Best way to do it is to swap out the bumper, or go with afixer's solution.

    I suggest to go with afixer....the bumper swap out was a pain.
  3. Not including the cost it would be to get the bumper instead of the grill. Afixer's solution would probably be your best bet, unless you just want the GT bumper.
  4. what do you mean by swap out the bumper? do i need the gt one or i have to take off my oem bumper to make it fit properly?

    if i have to take it off, it's not a problem since i have to remove it this week-end because one of my headlight isn't sealed properly. i installed angel eyes on it last week and i think there is a spot on my passenger side headlamp that is not perfectly sealed.

    the bumper only rook me 10 minutes to remove it, very easy.

    so i hope i will only have to do this.

    can someone could explain what do i have to do to make it fit without buying another kit?
  5. You will need to get a GT take off bumper if you want it to fit perfectly. I would go to Casco, that is your cheapest option. Call Mike, and don't leave him a message, he never returns them. Just keep calling him til you get him. He is a ok guy and won't rip you off, he just isn't good on returning calls. Here is the web site:


    His GT parts are not crash parts, they are take offs from roush/saleen. You will not need new turn lights/head lights, they are the same on both cars. There is a detailed forum on this at another mustang site, I will see if I can dig it up.

    It will take 2 hours to do this. I'll try to dig up more details.
  6. I actually saved my notes from a detailed post elswhere. Here is the info, I and posting all of it in case anyone is interested. I went with the full kit (long story short, parking garage messed up my bumper and I got teh whole kit for only a little out of pocket cause they cut me a check):

    Front Bumper-2 10mm nuts on each side under the fender (4 total), 2 10mm bolts on the top. the radiator cover has to come off. screws down the side of the bumper near the tire. turn signal bulbs need to pop off. Now, the front turn signals are held in by a special bracket with 2 rivets on each bracket. Drill these out to remove the bracket to place on the other bumper or whatever you are doing. You can use more rivets or bolts with lock washers and nuts (that's what I did).

    side skirts- the side skirts have 2 plastic clips on the front. Pop out the center and the rest you can pull out. The underside of the car has about 8+ clips. Kinda a pain to get out and some break. They are VERY long so you might need to get more from the dealer. (i work next to a body shop, so my stuff was free). The rest of the skirt is held on by white clips. Just pull real hard and it'll give. pry the ones on the car out and place into old side skirt or new side skirt.

    rear bumper 1-what a pain!!! hmmmm...kinda a blank right now. Whatever is near the rear tire holding the bumper to the 1/4 panel, remove that. 2 clips on the underside near the rear under the trunk. pop those out. remove the center trunk panel (plastic piece that surrounds the trunk latch. Do not worry about the side lights in your bumper. it will come as one unit and you can pull them out later. There will be 4 nuts you need to remove under the plastic piece that hold the bumper to the car. All 4 nuts are 10mm. Disconnect the license plate light harness. Runs from the bumper inside the car, down to the right. little white connector. it is kinda scary, but pull on the edge of the bumper near the wheels. Give it a tug, it'll give. It is held on by snaps from the bumper. After both sides, it should slide right off. have a towel or blanket ready to lay the bumper on.

    rear bumper 2-When you get the bumper off, there is a special bracket for the rear bumper. If your new bumper does not come with it, remove it from your stock bumper. it is held in by quite a few rivets. drill those out, and like the front bumper, you can use more rivets but if you do not have access to a rivet gun, use 8mm bolts with 10mm heads and a few washers, lock washers, and matching nuts. 25mm in length should be enough.

    I kinda rushed this. So, if you or anyone else needs help, lmk. I am 19years old, if I can do it, you can too. It was easier for me cause I have access to 3 hydro lifts. I did the front bumper on the ground at my house in 35 minutes. On and off. The sides were a little longer b/c of the clips, and the rear was the longest at about an 1 1/2 hours.

    PS-you do not have to remove your tail lights. I thought you did, don't waste your time doing it. Later.