What type of gas do you use?

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  1. Im stopping by the gas station tonight and adding 10HP.......:banana:
  2. Love it. If only the next few 10hp came that easy...
  3. Hey, I can switch to Royal Purple and get another 15 HP......cheap.
  4. I can put a Vtech sticker, GTR sticker, Type R sticker....that's 30hp easy!!
  5. If you are serious...would like to know if you felt any difference in power. Thanks.
  6. I think Vtech are those child's play laptops and crap like that they sell at Toys R Us, which makes this even funnier. I think you were referring to "V-tec" motors, but I could be wrong. Ricer badging isn't my thing.
  7. Keep in mind guys that anyone with an aftermarket tune will see zero gain by jumping up an octane. If you are tuned for 91, then the timing curves developed by the tuner are locked in and the car won't respond to the higher octane, just like you can't run lower without worrying about detonation. Stock calibration cars do enjoy that variable tune. However, I ran all 3 grades of gas on my stock tune and noted very minimal changes in mileage that could be attributed to driving style, and no real increase in performance that I could notice. I will say that knowing it was running at peak efficiency was nice, and made it worth the extra $.20 or so a gallon to get premium.
  8. I did fill up with some Exxon premium last night but havnt driven far
    enough to feel a difference yet. Ill try to avoid the placebo effect.
  9. Seat of the pants

    A 10hp gain on a 400hp motor is a very small gain...not easy to "feel"....The best way to determine if hp increases, decreases or stays the same is to dyno the motor....Im sure you could do a search and find someone who has done a dyno with different octane levels in the 5.0 mustangs.

    Most tuners offer 3 tunes to take into account different octane fuels and performance and fuel economy desires of the consumers...

    Everyone knows that flowmaster, R and many other stickers make a mustang faster...thanks Mr. obvious.
  10. Say i get the 3 custom tunes from american muscle, can I get a tune for regular gas and another for premium?
  11. Yes, you can get street or race inspired tunes for any octane. Never a bad thing if you have limited availabilty. I know when I was in Cali, they had only 91 as premium, so I got a tune for that. Now that I am back east, we have 93 out the ears, so I got tuned for that. I still have the 91 tune, but I don't use it at all. If you have readily available premium, I'd just order the single tune for that octane, save the money, and run the best stuff you can get. Odds are the efficiency and power increases you'd see with a 93 tune vs an 87 tune would probably offset the slightly cheaper 87. Even at $0.10-$0.20 more per gallon, that's really only $2-3 more per fillup, and if you think about how many things you blow 2-3 bucks on per week. On top of that, you're saving the cost of the other two tunes, which can go toward a nice CAI, it's the cherry on the tuning cake.
  12. After driving about 50 miles today the car actually feels worse on the
    premium. Throttle response seems more slugish. Ill be going back to
    regular probably. Final decision to come after more miles driven.
  13. You gotta give it a little time to adjust to the new octane. That car has timing curves for whatever you were running before. Run a tank through it and then decide.
  14. Yeah Im definatly going back to regular, car still hesitates on acceleration
    and takes longer to start, no 10HP happening from running premium.:notnice:
    If the car could could adjust to that wide of a parameter, no one
    would need a tuner, right.
  15. Im running 93 exclusively now, I try to stick with Sunoco
  16. octane

    Your car is rated for 87 octane. 93 will do nothing for you without a tune. Only the 5.0 mustangs will see HP gains and losses from octane levels.

    You should read the post b4 adding comments...The OP has a 2012 GT.
  17. So you think the car can adjust to different octane levels......
  18. octane

    A 5.0 can, yes.

    The engine produces 412 HP/390 lb-ft of torque with 91 octane, and
    makes 402 HP/377 lb-ft torque with 87.
  19. No need for a custom tune......
  20. No.

    Here is the Ford 5.0 owners manual statement on octane.

    Octane recommendations (5.0L V8 engine)
    Your vehicle will run normally on 87 octane regular fuel without
    damaging the engine, but premium fuel with an octane rating of 91
    (R+M)/2 or higher is recommended for best overall performance.