What wax for black paint??

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  1. Well i just bought a bottle of "zymol", is it any good for black paint?? or is there better waxes??
  2. I use NXT and a good carnuba like Mothers.If you really want to bring your black paint to life make sure to claybar!!
  3. What about zaino?? is it better, the same??
  4. Zymol is a good wax. However, it is an old school type wax that takes a whole lotta rubbing. Tech waxes are a lot easier on the arms and produce a lot less dust. Do a small section at a timewith the Zymol! It goes on easy and comes off REAL hard. Do not wax when paint is hot, dirty, or in the direct sun.
  5. http://www.zymol.com/onestp2.htm

    thats the one I bought, it contains:

    Contains #1 Yellow Carnauba 12%, Bees Wax 3%, Kaolin Clay, Almond Meal, Chalcedony Crystals, Shea Nut Butter, Coconut Oil, Cetyl Esters, Cetyl Cocoamide (derived from coconut oil), Propolis (derived from Bees) and Glycerl Stearate and FDC Blue #
  6. Yeah, thats the arm killer. Works good but oy the rubbing...
  7. i've tried Zymol before and it looked really awesome for a week. it did not last long at all. the easiest and best looking wax i have found has been S100. Lasts and has a deep, wet, reflective shine and hides swirls fairly well. If you dont want to spend the time/effort/money on Zaino, try clay bar the car, NXT, then a top coat of S100. when im lazy, thats the combo I go with. The S100 seems to protect and lock in the NXT longer since the NXT is like Zymol (meaning it looks great but doesnt last long).

    Oh ya...for NXT, S100, Zymol, try applying it by hand and then using an electric buffer w/ a microfiber bonnet on it to buff it off. It will look silky and sexy...
  8. IMO zaino is the best for black paint. thats what i originally used. however, its mad expensive and kind of a pain. i just used meguiars deep crystal system this past time i waxed and was impressed. its $15 for the system, took 2.5 hours with long breaks and looks good enough for me. not breathtaking, but easy and cheap
  9. well i paid $13 for the zymol, can i do better with around that price range??
  10. Let's not forget the CLAYBAR!
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  11. S100 :nice: try a nice claybar and the S100. you will be amazed. you can only get S100 online or at motorcycle shops. Call your local Harley shop and ask if they carry it. If not, get some online somwhere.
  12. Zaino is probably the best that i've seen, it's what the previous owner of my car used on it about twice a month or so.. after i talked to him, we figured out that it had been about 6 weeks since it had been waxed, but it had been washed a few times by the car lot, a few times at the car wash and a few times by me and the water still beaded off just like it had been waxed.. but if you dont want to pay the price for that I recommend the NXT wax, paste or liquid will work. The owner of the body shop i used to work at had all black vehicles. He had a 2003 Escalade, 1955 Ford F100 with full lexus interior,dash, door panels, etc and the Porsche camel color styled leather(AWESOME TRUCK!!!), a 1999 F350 4-door Long wheel base dually, and a 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 4-Door long wheel base dually.. Non-black vehicles included a red/orange color Plymouth prowler and a bright yellow 1970 Chevy Pickup.. anyways, back to the point, he used the same wax on all of them and I was the one who usually had to wax the escalade and F350 and i could wax those faster with the NXT than I could wax my Mustang with mothers wax, and the NXT looked a lot better.. it helped keep the black very deep and wet looking.. he never would let his vehicles stay dirty for more than a day.. we eventually became the only Meguiars rep in Arkansas :D
  13. Meguiars makes some decent wax, I use it on my Black 00' GT, and the claybar every once in a while
  14. Meguiars is crap.

    I use Adam's Polishes, expensive........worth every penny.

    As good as Zaino if not better.

    IMOP anything used at a HIGH end detailer, its good.

    The stuff in stores is total crap. (fact)

    Clay bar must be used or you will scratch the hell out of the paint.

    Check this site out and see for yourself:

  15. Zaino is freaky on black.

    I can literally sit down and shave my face in the reflection from the door. :nice:
  16. Zaino Z5 and S100.
  17. That's uber cheap. A claybar will cost more than that. Wax and polish should run at least $30.
  18. if you think Meguiars is crap, that's YOUR opinion.. meguiars is some of the best you can buy in regular stores.. I have never found Zaino or Adams in a store.. i would rather use Zaino, but I don't feel like putting out the money right now..