What will 3.73s do for my '01?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Ganton, May 4, 2004.

  1. I have an '01 which is stock except per my signature below. Thinking of installing 3.73s to replace the stock 3.27 gears. Will the "difference" be quite noticeable and worth it? Not interested in going any lower, i.e. 4.10s, because I don't race or go to the track. I just want "the feel of more power on acceleration...."
  2. 3.73's..what will they do? They will cost you over $500 to install them and you will notice nothing.

    4.10's are not for the track...not at all. 4.10's are a fun street gear. 4.56's would be a track gear for your Cobra. Go with 4.10's and you will never regret it...except that maybe you didn't put in some 4.30's instead.
  3. "notice nothing??" I can hardly believe that if I'm lowering the gear ratio by just about .50! Should notice "something," shouldn't I....?
  4. Yes you will notice quite a diffrence. 99SVT why would u put 4.10s in the rear? SO u could watch the gas gauge drop? 4.10s are a little to high of gearing for highway use. I just bought some 3.73s and am gonna slap em in my 96 SVT. Ganton i would go with the gears. It will accelerate harder, You will fee a diffrence maybe not a HUGE diffrence but u can tell. I would put 4.10s in the rear for the track. I dunno lets her some other peoples opinions.
  5. Ok, "nothing" is exaggerated. But, with no power adder it is going to be minimal. So why spend money on a minimal difference. :shrug: Drop in gas mileage...are you kidding me. 5th gear is now useable, you can drive around in a higher gear than before. My gas mileage stayed the same and I was beating on it more it seemed....and that was with 4.10's. After 3 months the 4.10's seemed like the gear the car should have came with and I was wanting a bigger gear. This is all while I was still n/a.

    SicStang....you say you purchased 3.73's....but haven't installed them and you want to say I'm wrong. :notnice: I've driven in a Cobra with 3.27, 3.73's, 4.10's and now 4.30 gears....I think I may have a clue here.

    Oh, and if this IS a track car...do NOT put 4.10's in your car. You shift right before the traps.....this puts you at the beginning of your power band, not at the end. 4.56 gears are a great drag gear for an n/a car. 4.10's suck.

    Put 3.73's in if you want...I'm telling you, unless you drive like an old fart, you will be bored silly in 2 weeks and will kick yourself for spending money on a useless mod. The only time 3.73 gears would be good is if you went with a roots blower and started making crazy torque down low.

    Listen to some other people after they start posting....
  6. I had 4.10's in my '01 & was very pleased with them. RPM's did rise a little, but nothing bad. Highway cruising at 80 MPH would give you RPM's of 3000. I went to FL from OH & didn't think twice about it.

    I do also remember seeing more than 1 post where someone went with 3.73's & regretted it & ended up replacing them. Seen people get tired of the 4.10 also.

    Best thing you could do is drive some cars with different gears in them if possible.
  7. I also have a 01 cobra. And speak with experience. I went from 327 to 410 to 430 and last week to 456s. I drove on a 400 mile trip with 456s around 2800 rpm at 65 mph an still got 22 mpg. But hey its your car and your money do what you feel comfortable with.
  8. I agree with 99SVTAddict...4.10's and nothing higher(lower numerically)...4.10's are the perfect street gear for our cars...3.73's are nice, and you'll notice a slight difference with the 3.73's, but to really wake up our cars you have to go with 4.10's or even 4.30's...Before my mods I was getting 23-24mpg on the highway with 4.10's...It's not as bad as you think...I have a set of 4.30's waiting to go in my car...
  9. Take my word for it. Go 4.10 minimum. I put 3.73's in my 96, and yeah I could tell a difference, but not near as much as I had hoped.
    But then again, if you're set on 3.73's you can buy mine, and I'll just go get some 4.30's........ :D
  10. A friend of mine with the exact same car as me put 3.73s in his and it sucked. I agree that the lowest numerical gear these cars should have NA is a 4.10. I have 4.30s and drive highway and city constantly and I still get 20+ mpg overall. The gas argument is stupid and based upon a faulty assumption.
  11. 4.10s. 4.10s 4.10s Man, I almost made the same choice (now, what I would call a mistake) as you. The guys on every board I've been on since I owned my car convinced me I was wrong even considering 3.73s. There's a reason for the "don't fear the gear" comments -- they are true. 4.10s are a great gear for this car -- after the first 5 minutes of getting used to it (if it takes that long) you will not be disappointed.
  12. a little off topic, but what about gears for a supercharged '01? once the kb kit comes out, would it be 3.73s? Just so you can stay in gear longer, plus once you add all that power, 5th would be very usable. Just wondering.
  13. Depends on how much boost you plan on running. I would say 3.73's would be the perfect gear for a boosted snake. 4.10's would probably be too much.
  14. I say 4.10's

    that is neive

    for the record, people with 4.10's tend to get BETTER gas mileage in their cars than they did when they had the stock 3.27's
  15. I noticed no drop in gas mileage. I did at first, but thats becuase I was flooring it everwhere. Gas mileage is the same around town with the 4.10's, if not better becuase 5th gear is more usable. Highway mileage probably decreased slightly, but if it has it's nominal and I haven't noticed.
  16. As has been stated above, don't go anything less than 4.10s. I am already wishing I went with 4.30s since I will be staying N/A. Our cars need gear. Don't fear the gear. Good luck.
  17. I was happy with my 3.73 gears when I put it in my IRS when it was N/A 307 rwhp. My live axle has 3.73 and the only thing I don't like about them is shifting into 4th right before 1/4 trap. I guess i'm one of the few that is happy with 3.73 just mu .02. You will definately feel a difference, and more wheel hop. I have a Pauls High Performance Brace and Bushings if you are interested.
  18. 4:10's. I have an '01 that was ready for the 4:10's until I lost my job...those corporate bastards...ehhmmm...srry. Where was I? oh yea...4:10's is what the car should've of came with stock, a lot of people say.

    I'm speaking from experience as well. My friend has the exact same car as mine and he has 4:10, I drove the car and it is alive with those gears...love em!
    So yeah, go with 4:10's. :nice: :nice:
  19. What does 4:10 mean and what does 3:73 mean. How do these gear ratio's work.
  20. 4.10:1 means the driveshaft will spin 4.10 times to every one time the rear wheel spins...in other words at a certain MPH you'll be at different RPMs, and a 4.10 will put you farther into the powerband than stock or 3.73 gears will...