What will 3.73s do for my '01?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Ganton, May 4, 2004.

  1. A 245/40/17 tire does have the same diameter as a 315/40/17 tire, but only on the inside of the tire where it mounts to the wheel (rim diameter). The outside diameter of the two tires will be different though. The first three numbers of the tire (ie. 245, 315, etc.) are the overall width of the tire, while the second two numbers (ie. 40 series) are the aspect ratio of the sidewall height to tire width. Check out the specs @


    So, a 245/40/17 tire is 24.72" in diameter and a 315/40/17 tire is 26.92" in diameter. Over 2" in size.

  2. Got it, thanks for clearing that up!
  3. If anyone is looking for a really nice gear calculator try this one I found:

    Gear Calculator
    It requires MS Excel but is very nice
  4. Had 4:10 in my 98 cobra then went 3:73, waste of time and money! Go 4:10 or 4:30 ,you will be pleased! :nice:
  5. One thing that nobody has taken into consideration is if you autocross or open track your car. 4.10's are great for the street but too tall for road racing, especially on some of the longer tracks. 3.73's would be better for these two situations.