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  1. I recently got a hold of a whole explorer for next to nothing and I am planning on swapping the top end to the ole 5.0 so was thinking of swapping to either the e-cam or tfs stage 1 cam. What kind of numbers can i expect and will I need to upgrade to bigger injectors. Car is mostly street driven and maybe once a year i take it to a track day.
  2. You should be ok with 19 lb injectors. I'm not sure if an E or TFS stage 1 would've a better choice, but the stock can would work well with the combo as well.

    HP, 250-260 rwhp would be my guess.
  3. If you do a cam get a rear end gear, if you don't that low end trq is gone. Otherwise keep the stock cam.
  4. I have 3.55 right now with a 5 speed. Would I need a taller gear?
  5. Keep the stock cam at that performance level, not worth swapping
  6. If I were you I would swap those gears out for 3.73 or perhaps 4.10s
  7. 3.55 has been my favorite gear with any n/a combo on a fox. Perfect balance imo. I have 3.73's in my current setup and absolutely hate them
  8. But you also are turboed correct? Turbos prefer the lower lower gears so you stay in boost and not winding through gears to fast I just put 3.55 in my car for when I get boosted its a bit sluggish off the line vs when the car had 4.10s but I stay in second a bit longer then I did in 4.10s just my .02 cents
  9. No boost here. Think I will just stick with the stock cam and save the dough. Now the question is 1.6 or 1.7 Rockers? Any real advantage to that extra .1?
  10. I think he was referring to me. I am boosted no, but always had 3.55' in n/a frm and liked them the best
  11. If you are going to swap out to ANY cam on those heads, you MUST replace the factory valve springs. Even for the stock 5.0 HO cam. You can either go with the TFS or Alex's spring kit. TFI sells a better spring kit but I wouldnt spend $400 on them for these heads.

    For the cam, you can stick with the stock 5.0 cam and a set of 1.72 RR.
  12. My sisters 89 GT has a GT4o explorer top end with 3.55s. It's a good street car, but no rocket ship. I equate it to the cars weight (full weight, stereo, etc), 3550 sucking up a little more power, and the 3.55s. How fast it feels will be based on who is driving it.

    Personally I had 3.73s, liked them, broke the gears and put in 4.10s only because I had the choice of any rear gear and wanted a change.
  13. It really would help to know how you plan to use the car.... What your objective or expectation are going to be would help with advising on the rear gear ratio & if a cam kit is worth the expense\effort.
    I can tell you that an Explorer motor (heads & intake) with shorty headers, off-road H-pipe, TFS stage 1 cam kit(including spring kit), 24lbs injectors & meter, Prof. Products intake, 65mm T.B., 3.73 rear gear, etcetera dyno's around 250rwhp & 300rwtq on a DynoJet. With slicks & a few suspension parts you can run into the 12's (near sea level) in a full weight '89 GT. The car is very streetable & drives like a stock car. The motor was not rebuilt(roughly 120,000 miles on it before the parts swap). The car I've been describing; my good friend Jammer's car in action....
  14. Those heads are going to need some work before bolt on. A rebuild with a good valve job and springs minimum.
  15. I really have nothing much to add other than I wouldn't waste my time swapping out 3.55 gears for .73's or 4.10's unless you were just worried about 1/4 mile times.
  16. I had a similar combo with 3.73s and 3.55s (I couldn't tell you a dyno figure), but the gain between the two gear ratios did not impress me and cost extra fuel. I would stick with your current gearing if it does not end up being a track queen.