Fox What Will It Run!!!

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  1. Hey guys I have a 91 gt stock weight. Just curious what this setup will run.
    306 flattop pistons, victor efi intake,185 cnc trick flow heads 1.7 trick flow rockers, stage 2 trickflow cam,3.73 gears,t-5 tranny,vortech s/c pushing 10lbs and anderson power pipe. Any input is welcomed or if you recommend any changes. XX-B6429891-1838065-960-100.jpg
  2. High 11's low 12's if the driver is half way any good. But why are you asking, go to the track and try it out!
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  3. If i had that i would get it dyno tuned to really find out. The HP's difference could be way off, from terrible to awesome. Its too wide of a gap with a power adder to really guess IMO. If you got a dyno sheet these guys could get you pretty close, they're good and been around.
  4. With a good driver, slicks and air, 11's. You should easy be 350-375hp even with a conservative tune.
  5. Thanks. My ecm took a dump so i cant try it out, but soon as i get a chance I will.