what will the '06 Cobra look like?

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  1. Does anyone know if the rumors are true that the Cobra will have slightly different sheet metal?

    I'm guessing that the extreior changes will be about the same as on the '03, but then again SVT said the Cobra will be moving upscale so that probably means a lot of changes over the GT.
  2. All I know it's very confusing on what the Cobra will look like after them showing the Shelby Cobra concept.
  3. Found this on SVTPerformance.com...
  4. re

    my wishful thinking...at least for the "R"

  5. If that is what the new Cobra will look like, I like it! :nice:
  6. That photoshop has C6 wheels on it. I doubt the real Cobra will come with Corvette wheels. LOL
  7. i like the cobra R one, but i doubt they will use the same styling cues from the 2000 R onto the new 2005 one.....I think it will have the same kind of front end...or maybe like an eleanor front end.....with the two scoops like in the pic, but no cowl... and no wing.....just me tho.....
  8. I like the first one....but it needs a new wing and/or chin spoiler.
  9. I expect the next cobra to get 20"rims just like the GT concept from last year. Cowl hoods will look good on the '05+ Mustangs.

    I can't wait for the limited edition Stangs to start rolling out.
  10. neone with good photoshoping skills want to make the 2005 mustang look like Elanor from Gone in 60 Seconds

    that would be a sick mustang

    the cobra r one looks hot
    i was gonna get a integra gsr this week, but i think im gonna be stuck taking public transportation for another 6 months, and just put the money down on a gt

    ford is kicking ass latelly