What will the next Cobra R be like?

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  1. Anybody have any ideas, or comments about the next Cobra R Mustang?

    I have a few questions. What engine will it have? Will it be supercharged? How much hp, and tq will it make? How many will Ford make? When will it come out? Will there even be another Cobra R? :shrug:

    What do you guys think, and what would you like to see in the next Cobra R?
  2. It is supposed to be called a "GTR" and will have a revolutionary turbocharged rotary V8.
  3. I want to see a VIPER eater. For the next cobra R the cobra will be fairly well matched with the z06. Send the R after the viper, ferrari, 911 turbo, Lambo. All the exotics make it the koenigsegg (sp) :banana:
  4. Maybe the Ford GT(40) engine? I bet it will be at least 500HP
  5. Turbod 5.4 or 5.8 =) how much ass would that kick, theres your viper eater right there
  6. well the zo6 is gonna be up near viper levels, so the normal cobra will be pretty close there too right?
  7. Shouldn't the 06 Cobra be at Viper levels?

    Maybe the Cobra R will be shooting at the high level exotics. Or better yet a N/A forged internal 6.0 liter with a bullet proof drive train. :D
  8. The '06 Z06 is said to be 3000lbs. and 500HP, so either they will have to find a way to make the next Cobra R a lot lighter or it will need around 550HP.

    THe next Viper engine is rumored to be a 600HP Hemi V10
  9. I hope the cobras will be able to hang with vettes and vipers easily (5.4??) and the r's (if thre ever are any) will blow vettes and virpers outa tha water and go after the exotics...that would be kick ass!! Mabie a factory turbo car?? or somthing with a huge engine and bullit proof drivetrain? none of this rotary bs talk thoguh.

  10. Ford will have a car to rival the exotics.....The Ford GT. For $150,000.00 it better be. The Cobra R was made for racing only. It isn't a practical car for everyday driving. That's why they make the regular Cobra. They hit a homerun with the '03 Cobra, let's hope they continue with the '06 model.
  11. I had heard rumors of the GT(40) being discontinued so it would be nice if ford still have some kind of compition for the exotics.
    Ohh and IMO the 03 cobra wasnt all that great, fast but overpriced and heavy, id rather buy a gt and mod it to make it faster cheaper. but that all belongs in another section
  12. Not worth it? Have you seen how cheap those things are going for now? With the GTs even if do boost the power with a supercharger or turbo that means beefing up the engine and drivetrain to support the new power and it's not going to handle as well. Having read the article in the lastest MM&FF about the current fastest Cobra they are worth every cent. Pulley, chip and exhaust and they were running 11.50. A few other mods and they are running very low 10s. I'll take that anyday. I'm so impressed by them a used 03 Cobra or an 06 GT would be a really hard choice to make.
  13. I have heard of people payin close to 50k for them so no IMO they arnt worth it.I havent really been following them so mabie if the price went down allot then it would be worth it. But i still think people make too much of it, the one guy near me who had one only kept it for 2 moths cuz he didnt think it was worth it either. Plus im used to my fox bodies...i can go 10's for next to nothing
  14. What where you smokin' when you made the statement above? Well at least you drive a 5.0. :nice:
  15. The people that paid $50k were the ones that could not wait. They paid for the privilege of being the first to own a cobra. I've heard of people finding them for about $30k now. A car salesman came to a get together last night asked if anyone wanted one. Someone said something about nearly 10K of them sitting on dealer lots. Don't know the accuracy. But I know I see severeal at every dealer.
  16. 10 THOUSAND? I thought Ford made only 5k per model year.
  17. Actually most years of the cobra were around 8k
  18. My friend got an 03 Cobra last fall for MSRP, you can get them for about 1000 under msrp now
  19. I've seen used Cobras selling as low as 26k. I'd imagine 2 years from now when I'd be able to buy another car they'd be down to around 23k. That'd be a lot of car for just over 20 grand and still relatively new compared to an old 5.0. And probably definately would respond to future mods better than a 2v 99+ Gt.