What will the next Cobra R be like?

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  1. How can an engine be both a V8 and a rotary? A rotary engine does not have cylinders. :( A rotary engine is similar to a RX-8.

    I would like to see the V-10 engine that was produced by those Ford engineers, dropped into the GT, and tested by MOTOR TREND. That would be a good "R".

  2. LOL, I was joking and was hoping that someone would catch that. I cant beleive it took 20 replies to catch that, especially on a Ford website. for shame people. :nonono:
  3. Well Ford does own a chunk of Mazda... ya never know... :p
  4. GUYS I am hearing that the cobra will take the place of the mach1 in the line up and the 500 hp cobra will be a very expensive shelby car
  5. hehe I thought that, but then i was thinkin that the rotaries have the 4 lil chambers and mabie they could make one with 8 :shrug: either way it would be stupid though
  6. I seriously doubt the next R model will be super/turbocharged. The class the R's were built to compete in doesn't allow any power adders.
  7. Aw come on you honestly think that V10 in the Motor Trend article was a fluke? :D
  8. I'm pretty sure the rotary motor is considered to have two cylinders even though they are not a typical cylinder. But I guess if you take the actual definition of "cylinder" they don't have any... Shrug. I guess I don't have a point, but a rotary with 4x the "triangles" ;) of an RX-7 would have to be awesome! Not really something that should be in a Mustang though.
  9. my dealership sells them for about 28-29k.
  10. With pistons!!

  11. Are you guys that uneducated about rotaries?
  12. Do you really have no sense of sarcasm or humor?
  13. I wasn't talking aout EVERYONE, but like one guy said something about 4 rotors and making it 8 or some ****. And a rotary is similar to the RX-8? IT IS AN RX-8!
  14. lowest price ive seen on a 03 was $25k. it didnt last long on autotrader. people put them on ebay and expect to get more than they paid i guess. id love one just cant see myself paying insurance, taxes and payments that high.
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  16. I am starting to think with the stir from FORD with the V10 in the old MOTORTREND issue and some other advertising...

    The V10 will be placed in the R.

    My predictions are as follows:

    230hp V6 Duratec 3.Xltr
    310hp V8 3V 4.6ltr
    420hp V8 4V 5.4ltr S/C'd
    485hp V10 4V N/A
  17. You're talking about the fat black guy with the blue V6 auto right?

    regarding ignorance about rotaries this isn't the place but I agree, read up guys Ignorance is the glove evil slips it's hand into.
  18. I hope those predictions are right.. and I hope Ford uses Clydesdales when rating the cars with that power too :nice:
  19. hehehe dont worry man, i know the video you are talking about :D