What Would A 67 Hi Po Engine

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  1. Compartment look like? Comparing a 65 289 to a 67 289, would they be the same? Air cleaner, 715 carb, etc?
  2. The only one i have ever actually seen in a 67 was a Shelby.They are pretty rare in a 67 Mustang but i would think it would look about the same as a 66 ,Chrome valve covers and chrome lid air cleaner ,duel point dist.
  3. Well, first, the 67 289HP had the same Autolite 4100 600 cfm carb as 64-66, only the GT350 had the 715 Holley.

    The 67 289HP was identical to the 66 in color, external componenents, etc., except the unique aluminum-blade fan was gone, replaced by a stock-looking X fan, with slightly wider blades.

    In mid-67, the 289HP gained a Thermactor smog pump, and the heads and exhaust manifolds were modified to accommodate this.
  4. The 715 wasn't available for the "K" code? No external identifiers between "A" @225 hp VS "K" @ 271?
  5. The harmonic balancer is thicker than a stock 289 .If you can pull a valve cover you will see the difference right a way,the springs have a pocket machined into the heads that a regular 289 does not have . It will also have the Hi Po exhaust manifolds .
  6. A lot of people purchased the cobra package for the Hi Po ,it was available over the counter so you can find one with Cobra valve covers ,intake and air cleaner and also the 715
  7. Your best bet for identifying a 289 Hi Po would be the balancer . It is much thicker than a regular 289.
    Stock 289 balancer
    44.jpg unless the motor has been internally rebalanced it will have the top pic. balancer
    The exhaust manifold are completely different for the Hi Po 66.jpg
    Stock 289 manifolds ,but if it has the cobra dress up package it could have Tri Y headers. The fifth digit in the vin will be K . That is about the only way to tell from a visual inspection . Except for the duel point dist .it will not have a vacuum advance .
  8. Oh, you want to identify a K code. Well, the 4100 used on the 67 K code was a the same as the earlier K 4100, with the 1.14" venturis. There was no 67 A code 4100, it had been replaced by an even smaller 4300, clearly inferior, but would pass emission standards.

    And no, you could not specify which carburetor you got when ordering your car.

    The external cues to identify the K code were special chrome air cleaners and valve covers, large alternator pulley, dual-point centrifugal-only distributor, manual choke 4100 carburetor, large harmonic balancer, and low-restriction exhaust manifolds.

    The A and K code engines used the same iron intake manifold.
  9. The reason I am asking, is that I want to "create" a 1967 factory looking hi performance engine compartment for my 67 Cougar.
    I don't think there is any difference for the Cougar engines, and so I am trying to come up with something that would make somebody that didn't know the difference think about it.
  10. This is a 66 Hi Po but should be the same as a 67
  11. That, is a good looking engine! I didn't realize the the timing cover and water pump were all painted blue as well. Would a similar Shelby have an aluminum colored intake manifold?
  12. A Shelby would have a Cobra intake ,Cobra valve covers and a Cobra air cleaner but it would have the sane balancer and dist. and a Holey carb. That Holey goes for $1,000. brand new .