What would an 87 SVO look like?

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  1. I've been planning and tinkering with my new project, an 87 LX hatch, and I want to make it into an 87 SVO. Since there never was a true SVO built in 87 I want to do a what if car. I just bought an SVO engine to rebuild and put in. I want to do a volvo head swap with a custom valve cover to make it look like the DOHC prototype engine, with turbo of course. It'll probably end up with a front mount intercooler, but I'm not sure yet. I think I've got the underhood part covered but I need some ideas for the exterior. What do you guys think? The main parts I'm concerned with are the headlights, tail lights, rear spoiler, and body work (bumpers, side molding, etc...). What about the hood? with a fmic should I keep the hood scoop? Obviously I'll be doing my own research for a long while but I just wanted to generate some ideas from you guys who have much more knowledge of these cars than I do.
  2. The '87 SVO wasn't going to look much different than the earlier models. Put on an SVO front clip, some SVO/Cobra taillights, and try to find a bi-wing and that'll cover it.
  3. I was hoping for something a little more unique, but then you dont see many SVOs in these parts. I'll probably just end up putting on what catches my eye and call it good.

    btw, there's a couple intact turbocoupes in the junkyard near me if you are still looking for the parts you list in your sig.
  4. nice stang shaun.
  5. Thanks but MI is a little out of the way.
  6. Y take already rare parts from a car and add them to make a clone when a real svo owner needs the parts:nono:,just doenst make sense! If you own one you'll understand. not trying to be a Di ck just opinion
  7. i got some svo parts laying arround from my last car
  8. Because I like the way SVOs look and I cant afford one so why not put one together myself? Its cheaper that way. Besides all the parts of the SVO that I like are easy to come across.
  9. Oh brother. Let's make a new law that says *all* SVO parts have to go to a central clearinghouse for an undetermined amount of time, so a future, as yet to be determined SVO owner can easily access them if he needs to.

  10. man first of all you got ot get a sweet hood. SVO hood if possible with the offset scoop. Dont forget the spooler that goes like halfway up the back window. Throw some of those leuvers on the rear side windows(old school style). you also might want to consider a lower front bumper to make the stance look lower and fog lamps in them :p Go with the SVO red and your good.

    Creativity counts so get on it :)
  11. I've got some ideas, idk if they are good or not but its a start. I'm thinking for the hood, get the intake off of a turbocoupe and graft it onto the stock stang hood. Ford never would have done it but I think it'll look good. I still dont know if I'm going with a TC intercooler or front mount, that would be a deciding factor on the hood design. I've never been a huge fan of the SVO spoiler but its growing on me so, maybe. The front bumper will be a custom piece fabricated from my LX bumper a GT bumper and a SVO bumper. I probably wont acctually cut up an svo but taking molds off of one would work just as well. I'm still a ways off of doing exterior work, but I'm still dreaming up stuff.
  12. I could go buy one tomarrow and it wouldnt bother me one bit wtf somebody else did (although I think a V8 swap is lame UNLESS it has a turbo, then it's even cooler than the original 2.3 turbo :) ) The SVO is not a super rare super desireable mega car! The dickhead owners RUIN THE FUGGIN CARS with their attitudes!!!!!!! :nonono:
  13. Don't stereotype us all as a-holes; it's the few that ruin everything for the many. Many of us SVO owners just wish that others could appreciate the rarity of them and not hack them up to make a buck. They were ahead of their time for a Mustang and the model's production/marketing was not addressed properly, but I can post links rather than preach a long-winded hisory lesson. 9,800 ever built and less than half currently known to still exist....

    With regard to putting the parts on a normal Fox3, the hard bit will be finding parts that real SVO owners aren't willing to kill you for. Bi-wings are not only out of production, but near impossible to find in even decent used condition. Most are either incomplete or badly sagging. The rare bi-wing delete option......don't even bother. Reproduction hoods are available in fiberglass as well as repro urethane front bumper covers. Marchal fog lights, while apparently not uncommon on early to mid '80s Ford cars and some Jeeps, are commanding a premium now on the used market. Passenger side parking light lenses are impossible to find, but driver's sides are still available. :shrug: Tail lights are the same as mid-80s Mustangs and '93 Cobras. Don't bother with any of the suspension; most of it is SVO-specific and you might as well use a TC rear and aftermarket front parts.
  14. Which is why I gave up on replicating an SVO. I'll just build it how I want to and leave it at that. If I ever get an svo then I'll have to deal with those issues. For now, I'll stick with the LX parts hunt.
  15. maybe you could do it up like a mexican svo
    it definately looks different with a bubble back.
  16. Funny you should mention that. The hatch on mine is rusted out, way beyond repair, well my friend offered me his spare capri bubble hatch. Still thinking about it, at least temporarily...
  17. The dickhead owners as in, the ones that are dickheads, which is alot that I have seen lol. The way they act but are all for hacking up a Turbo Coupe or anything else is funny. Sure the SVO is more rare but sheesh, 9800 is hardly "rare", not really anymore rare than an 03 Cobra, which despite the numbers are quite common. I have seen at least 15 SVO's in this area before so while not seen everyday they are far from "rare". This is nowhere USA, so if Im seeing them here, they must be elsewhere too. ;)

    Somebody that wants to part one out should be able to do whatever, the people out there that need parts should be happy, not pissed.