What would cause my car to skip at low RPM's

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by davmacdon, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. I have a 94 GT vert and have a bad bad skipping/missing problem. It feels like all power to the plugs is coming and going. It completely loses power and bucks badly. It only seems to happen below 2000 RPMS. If you keep it reved up it seems to be fine. It started little by little over 3 days and now is not drivable. I have replaced plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Can a coil or condenser cause a problem like this.

    Any help would be great,
  2. hey, im piggybacking on this thread, my car is doin a similar thing, but mine is just a slight miss/skip under 2000 rpms, its not bad, and i just replaced my clutch 4 days ago so im kinda worried about a brand new clutch slipping?
  3. subscribing i have same type of problem. heard it could be vacuum leak but i couldnt find a leak on my car :shrug:
  4. Same problem here somone help.......
  5. I am having a similar issue.

    I have just replaced and installed: Spark plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor. I also changed the oil. My friend also adjusting my timing.

    The car is running AWFUL. I have to downshift to go up hills, it bucks wildly and randomly, and I got :owned: by my girlfriend's stock '99 Mitsu Mirage. It did NOT have this problem at all prior to the work mentioned above.
  6. OK, here are the codes 332 EGR Valve intermittently stuck. (Got that one before.)

    The new one is 212 or IDM circuit failure / SPOUT circuit grounded. What is the 212 code telling me and what can I do about it?
  7. Mine does the same thing also. I changed the oil, plugs, wires,, tps, o2 sensors and also checked the timing. I have no vacuum leaks. Still does it but it's not as bad as before. Any ideas?
  8. same problem with mine. It goes between 1000-1500rpm. if i rev it one to 2k, its fine for a few lights or so and it does it again.
  9. I tested about everything you could imagine ICM, TPS, idle air sensor, MAF, vacum, connectors and coil. Problem is still there. I guess I am going to take the plugs out and check them out(again). My 91 lx 5.0 never had a ghost problem like this.

  10. still got the stock alternator? could be a bad charging problem....just an idea.....coil could be it also, thats what mine did for awhile till i changed it.
  11. so when your coil went bad you had a bucking problem around 2k and down? any codes?
  12. I put on a 200 amp alternator and I also put an ignition system on and still has a slight bucking, hesitation feeling.
  13. Here's a picture of the SPOUT jumper. It's the litte grey cube next to the MAF. Check to make sure it's there and also inspect the wiring.
    Without the SPOUT jumper circuit, the computer cannot advance the timing. You are basically running on base timing right now.
  14. Hate to piggyback on the piggybackers, but my stang has had the same problem for a while now. The code is 332 EGR too low or something like that, there are no leaks and I replaced the EGR solenoid and EGR valve and it's still there. It pulls pretty good until I reach about 4500rpms and then it starts missing and bucking. It's been driving me crazy and if anyone out there in stangworld knows what this is, help a brotha out.
  15. mine has a piggy back problem at like 1k rpms, but nother any higher, mine just from luging around somtimes.......when my coild was going out it was like bursts.....cruising through town at low rpms, the car would just jerk and buck....changed it to a new one and it works fine
  16. I changed my plugs today from Bosch to Motorcraft and still had the misfire/bucking below 2000 RPM. Whan the car warmed up it started to smooth out and idle right, and the tach stopped jumping around to. Where should I go next? New coil, PIP(sender in dist) or ICM?

    Someone please advise. I dont have much hair left to pull out.

  17. my spout connector is right by my distributor..at least something that looks just like it is.
  18. The 94-95 has it next to the MAF which is what he has.