What would cause shaky Maf Voltages while datalogging?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Black1987Stang, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. While datalogging with my Tweecer R/t, I noticed the maf voltage was very unsteady it was ranging give or take like 1 full volt. Example, I'm steady cruising and the Maf voltage is ranging from 1.6-2.6. Normally I could get it to stay steady with a steady throttle, the corresponding sliding gauge that is above the maf volts shows it being shaky....What would cause this to happen? Only thing I can think to do is clean the maf....
  2. This didn't happen before?

    Have you done anything to the car lately?

    Either dirty or a loose connection somewhere...
  3. If I went WOT the sliding bar graph would go ALL over, max out at 1500, go down to 300 back up again, all over. I put the stock meter back on and it was alot better, it was fine at WOT. Smooth and steady rise. I dialed in the maf and now it's smoothed out even more. I was guessing the shakiness was from the engine missing or hiccupping causing the difference in vacuum pulling in air across from the meter? Anyway I can test the meter electronics from a Pro-M 75mm myself. If it's not the problem I would like to sell it and get something better for when I put the S-trim and turbo on in the summer.