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  1. .... I ran out of space between the fan and engine area so i mounted a universal coolant reservoir in front of the radiator behind the bumper but its mounted lower than the radiator.

    I ask this because i have had coolant disappearing. I drive and park it and no matter what the radiator is exactly 1/4 low. Also i sometimes experienced overheating but could find no links. Today googling around i'm reading the overflow must sit as high as the radiator.

    Whatcha guys think?

  2. Mine is mounted just above the framerail in the driver's side bumper cover area.
    So, its at about half the height of the radiator itself.
    Moved it due to supercharger belt clearance issue.
    Been that way for about 6 years or so. No issues.
  3. Mine is a little lower. Maybe ill take a picture to show.
  4. mines an 89, but is tucked up in the fenderwell also


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  5. but.....if your coolant is going low like you say, you are either leaking it or burning it. Fix the leak, or find the problem (head gasket)
  6. Yeah i'm hating the head gasket option... Oil and coolant seem clean and no puddles. So i guess it doesn't matter that the overflow is right behind the bumper.
  7. Go to Napa and get one of those head gasket test units for like 40.00. Check You Tube, plenty of vids on this... worth a shot to get a solid answer?
  8. I'm not sure the combustion would even make it into the coolant. the heads have loc-wires to seal the combustion chamber.... I'll check anyways and if i still have a leak ill go over the head bolts to see if maybe something loosened.