What would u drive if there was no MUSTANG?

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  1. if mustangs were never created, what would u guys drive? :shrug:
  2. A trans am WS6 for sure. :D
  3. Hhhmmm....No mustang. That means that all the other companies wouldn't have copied it and made camaros, firebirds, trans-ams, etc. etc.

    I guess I'd hafta go with a 'vette, of course lol. Ragtop Z06. Man it'd HAVE to be something with a V8.
  4. If money was no object I would say a Z06 corvette but since it is I will chose a late model firehawk or WS6.
    For daily driving I have a 03 svt focus which is a pretty nice car.......
  5. If there were no Mustang, I wouldnt be here. My dad came to this country with his cousin in a Mach1 all the way from El Salvador. No Mustang = my mom and dad never meeting each other = no me. :eek:
  6. If it was something in a decent price range than a late model firehawk or WS6, stretching my budget for a Z06 might be doable. If oney was no object a FORD GT or a twin turbo 911.
    For daily driving I have a 03 svt focus which is a pretty nice car.......
  7. i know i would not go with a GM :nonono: so, if money was objective i would go with a Ford GT if i could get my hands on one, if not i would go with the SVT focus, then agian if there was no mustang, i don't think there would be a SVT. so i don't even know, maybe a nice truck lol, alls i know is that i would stay with an american car :flag:
  8. hmm

    a ferrari :rlaugh:

    dont know maybe a camaro or impala ss :shrug:
  9. Definitely a WS6 Trans Am. Who in here WOULD'NT sport one? But I'd sport a Corvette too, z06 or not, doesn't matter.
  10. i would only drive a Ford...
  11. A 1970 HEMI CUDA a true American Muscle car :D
  12. Supra TT or something Camaro/TransAm with Ls1
  13. :stupid:
    Maybe a Lightning If money was no problem a Jaguar Xj220 or a Ford GT
  14. definately a yugo!
  15. I'd like to change my answer...I'd drive a Bronco
  16. Lightning baby!
  17. If there were no 5.0 Mustangs, I would have to drive a 5.0 T-Bird :D. Before I was too young to drive, I wanted an SS Camaro in the worst way. That would probably be my choice.

  18. probably an audi S4
  19. well, if there were no cameros, mustangs of any type, or american muscle, I'd probably go for the rice... but make it powerful, and a rear-wheel drive model, so I could put a spoiler, and have it funcional :D
  20. A honda civic DX with type R stickers and NOS stickers all over it.

    Hey, at least I would be cool to the morons around here.