What would u drive if there was no MUSTANG?

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  1. Hmmm...I dunno, it's tough to think about. Please no one say Camaro. That's just...sad!

    I think I'd go with poss. a Supra TT or C5 - pending funds of course!
  2. If there wasnt a mustang I'd be driving a 99-up wrangler 4.0 5 speed..

    I owned a 99 4 cyl a year ago with 33x12.50s, 4.5" lift, and plenty of fun! After I sold it I knew I had to have another convertible so I bought the stang..

  3. Sadly I proably would of bought a bimmer.

    If I knew what i knew now then a LS1 Camaro.

    But I pobaly would of got a truck
    probaly a big 4Runner.
  4. 2005 Corvette C6..I'm a ford guy, but man that thing is gorgeous.
  5. 02 trans-am WS6 convertible
  6. WRX STI
    300C SRT8
    3series BMW
    for trucks
    The older dodge Ram 2500 with a cummins
    Ford F250 powerstoke
    and if I could get my hands on one a Defender 90 but a wrangler would do.

  7. Yeah they are.. I work at a Chevrolet dealership and I've driven about 5 of them... I've always loved the C5s and now the C6s.. just dont like some of the prissy guys who buy them..
  8. My vote goes for the bronco also. Since its fun to go off roadin and trail climbin', i got 2 bronco's and drive it about 50-50 with the stang
  9. I'd have to say either a CTS-V or Lightning.
  10. Newer truck, or an old muscle car.
  11. 1979 Pontiac Trans AM
  12. another bronco man, personally, my 89 is kinda breaking on me, but it's still a great ride for 100K+ miles
  13. Hmmm... tough choice, but I'd have to go with a civic EX automatic.

    Edit: oh i forgot, 4 door
  14. well since i bought my car for 6 thousand, it would have to be something in that price range. it would probably be a nissan 240sx or a lt-1 camaro
  15. 1950 Studebaker
  16. that's an awesome story, man, heh.

    if there was no mustang, i'd probably be in a nissan 240, 300, or a sususupra.
  17. No 'Stang? Then I would be driving my 1966 T-Bird! :D
  18. Back from the dead...

    Well, if there was no Mustang, I'd drive a Subaru. :)

  19. I would most likely get an M3, not sure if it would be an e46(new style) or e36(92-98). Either way im pretty sure thats what I would go with. I would also probably get a lightning for a truck too....

    I would love to build one of these: