What would you consider essential?


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Feb 7, 2020
I started looking for a new 18+ mustang gt here recently and I'm finding it hard to decide what I need at purchase. The only definites are automatic and 401a for the digital dash

Does Magnaride noticeably smooth out the ride? If so is it a dealer buy or have it installed later when I have some extra cash?

Active exhaust worth it? My current 08 mustang is true dual exhaust with no cats(like that when I bought it), x pipe and dual flowmaster mufflers. When I turn the key I put my brothers 2016 corvette stingray to shame even though he's got me by 60 hp.

Bang and Olufsen worth it? I want good sound with a noticeable bass punch. I've installed car audio in the past but I don't know if I want to fight Sync.

Any other packages I should consider?
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Jan 11, 2007
The Magnaride set up only is available with the Performance Pack suspension which has a stiffer spring rate, expensive summer tires, and staggered black wheels. I special ordered a 2018 GT and stayed away from the Magnaride / PP1 package due to all of the above and I had to have a factory spare tire which you cannot get with the PP1 wheels and tires. I have the standard factory exhaust and it is plenty loud and deep without the the electronic / mechanical active exhaust mess. Get the premium package as it includes all kinds of up grades including a hi output 200 amp alternator. The A10 is amazing and will not disappoint. The A10 makes the GT second fastest just behind the new Shelby GT500.
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Apr 15, 1999
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For a spare you can get one of these... fits in trunk space and works great (ask me how I know). I like the Performance Pack - this is the second stang with it - love the bigger brakes and enhanced suspension. I don't have the magnaride but do have the active exhaust - I really enjoy it... but that's me.

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Feb 13, 2017
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Active exhaust is a gimmick, look at 25-30 year old cars that had it and most of them don't work anymore, they tend to seize up. If you want a fast car in the quarter mile, get the 3.55 gears without the performance pack. The standard GT brakes are good enough and lighter and the 3.55 gears are good for acceleration.
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Jun 23, 2019
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Bigger brakes are always a good idea. Ask me how I know. Lol. Active exhaust can be had after market with electric cut outs. Though as the other comment suggests, in time they may fail. But that’s true of everything. I have B&O speakers in a laptop and they are amazing. They aren’t just good for laptop speakers but just plain good speakers. I’d have to guess they sound way better in a car. I can’t say much for manga ride. I missed it by a year.


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Mar 2, 2015
A bunch of tuners will not work on cars with active exhaust. I think in 18 or 19 Ford locked the computers on cars with active exhaust for some reason. The magnaride is a total PITA if something goes wrong while out of warranty. Also, there arent as many aftermarket suspension options with magnaride ( if there are any at all ).

If you plan on keeping after warranty or want to modify the car don't get active exhaust or magnaride. If you plan to stay stock and trade out before warranty expires...or extended warranty...then get all the bells and whistles.

I purchased a base model 19 ecoboost because I knew I was going to keep the car and heavily modify ( like all my other cars ) at a later date. Brakes, suspension, engine, and transmission will change eventually. Less electronics the better. I've got my eye on the 7.3L...when they come down from unabtanium.


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Jun 15, 1999
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Essential? For me, it's easy, Manual Transmission and a V8, the rest can be easily added, modified, or stripped. I love these s550's, and while I'm sure they could provide exactly what I want, like a GT4, they are under no obligation to do it at a price point that I want (muuuuuch less than their $200k+)