What would you do with $25k?

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  1. Well as shocked as i was to get an offer to sell my car Last Saturday for 25 grand, i was even more shocked today when the guy came and looked at my car today and agreed to buy it after a week to think it over. The money is coming in person as a certified check, and i will be checking it with his bank to make sure its legit before i sign over the title.

    So this brings me up to my question... What would you do if you had 25g's to spend on your car? I would say that has to also include the price of the car but i have a dart 427w longblock already and i have about the same in that or more then the purchase price of another 94/95.

    To give you an general plans are as follows.
    MMR TKO-950 (Heat Treated TKO-600) 2600
    Probably a 9" rear end 1500?
    My low compression dart 427w motor 6500
    Turbo 4000
    roll cage 1000
    Paint and body 4500
    That leaves roughly 5000 for like wheels, suspension, and misc.
    Im sure i will go over budget, I always do but this time a couple thousand over budget doesn't seem quite as bad... lol

    Im curious to see what others would do. Not really any limitations on this question.. So if you wanted a different year mustang or different car (heaven forbid :) )
  2. i Honestly would take my car build a bulletproof 347, buy a turbo kit, pre made, capable of over 20#'s, and turn up the boost.......

    you can get that to the tune of 7-800 rwhp without a problem i would think.......

  3. 03/04 cobra :look:
  4. Somebody else posts on mw too huh? :rlaugh:

    I'd put it towards the downpayment on a house. :shrug:
  5. I would get cash in hand from his bank first. I really am leary of money orders and cashiers checks.

    If legit I would Buy alot of parts and build a complete custom car, or get alot of hookers!!
  6. i'd vote either an '05 gt or an 03/04 cobra
  7. I'd go with a '96-'98 Cobra Convertible (since IMO they're the best looking of the bunch), sink some money into a built shortblock and a blower, pay off some general bills and put the rest away for a rainy day. :nice:
  8. Build a FFR cobra kit car, and the take a gun to the pony :rolleyes: 400hp and 2200 pound car would make for a fun ride
  9. Lord, I cant imagine trying to find another 94-95 in as good of shape as mine and with under 30,000 miles. I went through hell finding mine almost 7 years ago, $25,000 would not even be worth it now IMO.

    Personally, I dont understand the logic of selling your car and then buying another 94-95. You may find one in as good of shape, but it will cost you at least $6,000. That leaves $19,000 and you still have to buy all the aftermarkets parts and consider your labor.
  10. BUT i already have a motor 80% complete too. Thats a huge chunk of the cost and i plan on selling everything that im replacing.

    Labor? Your talking about labor on your own car? you don't need a mustang if your worried about the cost of your OWN LABOR... And what you don't think about is how much use and enjoyment you got out of your car.. Maybe not yours!!!(with only 30,000 miles) I used mine pretty good. And what little labor you have put into your car is nothing compared to what i put in mine i guarentee IT... Unless you mean you paid someone else to do it.. I have little to no labor then.

    Well who cares about milage?? That shows you don't drive your car near enough you just sit there and warship it. Its a freakin modified GT that sits there and doesn't get used. Now IF you had a Cobra R, a cobra, even a completely stock mustang with less milage or something a little more rare I could understand.

    I will be replacing most of it and everything i put in it will be new.. Milage only tells how much the case of the car has on it and i included a nice chunk of money for the exterior.

    Too me the best thing about my car is working on it... Yeah it was faster then most and a blast to drive, but it was like christmas every time UPS or Fedex showed up. and with 25 grand this will be christmas a lot this year.

    Im sorry, I know i must be coming off pretty bad but that kinda offended me...
  11. If I had 25k to spend on a car I already own I would build a hot street car.
    331 Forged stroker motor
    AFR 185 Heads Fully P&P
    Flowzilla blower with LOTS of boost
    Superchip for eash seperate pulley
    Custom paint
    2003-4 Cobra seats
    Top of the line brakes
    Replace all the old accesories with new and improved effeciancy peices
    Full exhaust
  12. I would buy a New Mustang GT500 when they come out next year....
  13. Better have a little more than 25K handy then. :D
  14. If I had $25K, I would pay off all my bills and finish my car. I would do pretty much everything you're planning on doing, because I've kinda sorta allready done half of it. :)

    If I was to sell my car and start over, I would probably go for an 03/04 Cobra, mainly because they can put out over 500RWHP and still be a very streetable car. The problem with that is that there's not a lot of work you can do on those cars. I've really enjoyed building my car, and I'd like to do it again someday with a different car.

    That being said, I don't think I'll ever sell my car. But, if somebody came up to me and offered $25+K, I might reconsider.
  15. with $25k, i'd buy a 94-95 cobra, build an all forged, low compression 347 in a dart block, afr 185's, blowzilla with a **** load of boost, or a turbo, paint it DSG, or tangerine orange, full coil-over suspension, tubular k-member/a-arms/etc., built rear, double adjustable U/L CA's, tko 950 (you mentioned it and it sounds killer), black leather interior with corbeau a4 seats, autometer c2 gauges, and a dyno tune :D :D :D hey i can dream can't i?? :p
  16. i would buy my 94 gt from me. only $3k and its already got a mm 6pt cage and corbeau legacy's.
  17. low compression 427 (since you got most of it done) you can get a good 94-95 for under 5k then slap a turbo on it and call it a day. with all other supporting mods of course.

    but a 427 in a notch wouldn't be bad either. the coupes have always had a spot in my heart.

  18. I'd put it in the bank :eek:
  19. or start up a gas station and sit back and laugh at all the suckers buyin your gas. :nonono: