What would you do with $25k?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. 96-98 Cobra in fair shape 10,000.
    HP Twin Turbo kit 8,000 includes installation and tuning
    Built Bottom End with ported heads... shouldn't equal 7,000.
    Should be an easy 700-750hp car.
  2. Haha, instead of being the sucker, he could be the suckee. Does that make sense? :rlaugh:
  3. Put it in the bank for a year or two, by then your mind should be made up
  4. I would invest that money in real estate. Finish your current project and in about a year or two you will have double or triple that amount. Maybe thats just my way of thinking.

    Secure your future!
  5. Sell the 427. Purchase an 03 Cobra out right. Add a Kenne Bell blower, bigger pulley, exhaust and all the goodies. Should make 700HP after it's tuned.
  6. If I had that 427W + $25K + your skills......

    It would be under the hood of a 94-95 Cobra complimented by AT LEAST 2 HUGE SNAILS ......
  7. 4k for a turbo isnt legit, and you'd still need a AEM or some sort of 1500-2000$ tuning device.

    25k ****...invest that ****
  8. if he's already got the majority of the 427 built. then in my opinion he's got the most expensive part done.

    you can do a DIY turbo kit for super cheap... or have someone do it.

    then he's got the rest of the money to put into the car making it look nice/wheels/suspension mods and a tranny. i think he can do it for under 25k
  9. I wouldn't get a 03/04. I would invest the money for a little while until I firgure out what I wanted. If i was you I would do that 427 with turbo. That is just me. You don't see that combo as much.

  10. investing it for a couple years and earning more on it sounds pretty good. w/ a little time and patience, that 25k would earn some nice interest!
  11. DP on a house.

    If it must be spent on another car, go 03-04 snake, and have 1-2K to play with right away.
  12. Well think of it this way, there's no way in hell you will ever find someone who will offer you more than HALF that if you ever tried to sell it down the road. Worst case, get another one, fix it up and have money left over.
  13. 4000 grand is legit... I have looked at the prices... Granted its a slightly smaller turbo then i want to use.

    And a PMS will do anything i want and they are about a 1000 with most options.

    Granted im going to go over $25k but motor, tranny, and the rear end are going to be done first over anything.

    My long block is only missing cam and gaskets right now. I haven't really decided on a turbo or S.C. yet... I had good luck with my vortech, but i know that Turbos make great power and aren't as harsh on the motor, but they are a plumbing nightmare...
  14. Why don't you buy a 94 V6 since you're putting a whole new drivetrain in it already. Then put your 427 in with a huge turbo, a built tranny, a 9" rear end, and have fun with the car. You'd probably have money left over so put some nice suspension work in there and a nice set of 18's with 315's in the back.
  15. thats pretty much what i would do.
  16. i love the 94-98 body style and all, but:

    i would get a used 2005 v6 convertible and put the turbo 427 in that. their bodies are much stiffer than ours and they handle better out of the box (i'm sure you already know that tho). you going efi or carburated?

    that would get you a magazine spread too i bet.

    anything left over would go towards a home theater.
  17. Man what did you sell for 25g's. I would pay alot off of my house b4 i spent to much of that money
  18. i would sell the stang and buy a vette :hail2:
  19. What would I do with $25k? Two chicks at the same time.

    Nah seriously, I'd drop most of it in the bank, and use a little bit for a bike. I have the stang pretty much how I want it now, so there's not much more I wanna do for a while.

    BUT...... if I were to drop it into the stang, I'd build a nice 331 turbo, with supporting suspension, and a T56.
  20. The V-6 isn't a bad idea but there is a lot more that goes into a conversion then people think... Plus you can't sell the parts you take off for even half the price you could get out of a gt or cobra.

    The 05 mustang would deffently be cool... But im not up for tackling an engine swap like that.