What would you do with $25k?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. I have really considered that too. I love the look of a vette, how low and wide they are...

    But i don't think i could afford insurance on one or an 05 mustang.
  2. Swap the 427 into something cool like a Miata!
  3. or u could buy my car for 25k and u have a apraised 58k car
  4. ....4k is very legit...5k is more reasonable as that is the base price for many kits but you can get tt kits for about 3500...if you dont believe me you can check out www.turbomustangs.com
  5. I saw your car and considered it... IT was clean and shiny and everything but there just wasn't quite enough engine for my liking... Yeah your engine was BLING BLING but i want something to work on not just to look at...

    When i saw your post on corral, all i could think was im glad this guy buying my car didn't find yours first.... lol
  6. I "heard" corvette insurance is cheaper than say a 98 cobra...this is just what i HEARD
  7. Actually, I changed my mind. Buy a factory twin turbo sports car ... while keeping it FORD. I'd put it in the bank, let it triple, then get THE NOBLE M12. With the engine of a Taurus/Sable (Escape/Tribute), you can eat Porche's all day long .....
  8. Noble M12=rocks socks
  9. that is a new engine option, all the ones(3)that i have seen in person all had a mopar 3.5 v6. 25k won't even touch a rolling chassis. :mad:
  10. You sure? I have never heard of the Noble's coming with a Mopar.... everyone I've seen had the Ford..... I've never seen one on the road, though.
  11. Drop a 03/04 Cobra Engine and a twin turbo. An easy 750+ HP rare and nice.
  12. 3G?
  13. correctomundo
  14. or a triumph tr-6!
  15. Maybe I'm starting to show my age here but I'd invest it, pay off credit cards, or buy a house as was mentioned previously. If nothing else invest it and sit on it for a few years, all the while keeping your eye out for something REALLY cool. Then create something wicked.

    I think a factory five kit car with that 427 would be INSANE.
  16. yeah, because it is old farts (like me) who drive them.
  17. If it was me, Id buy a nice 94/95 mustang gt/ cobra, or a clean fox body and instead of going all out on mods with it just yet, id throw the other 20k or so down on a 06 gt so id make it out damn good. You would only owe around 6k or so on a BRAND new car and a few years down the road if you wanted to sell it you would be truly banking on that car.

    Just my thoughts, but then i always like the thought of having a fun fast car and a good looking nice newer Daily driver

  18. Blast from the past. So Money Pit what did you end up doing with the $25K? Just curious.
  19. Sorry guys i kind of have to go a diffrent way with this i would buy... now dont slap me fore this but. a 94 Rx-7 touring and build it up.

    Sorry just something that is my dream in life to have and play with.
  20. He kept his car and was installing a twin turbo 427 last I heard. I haven't seen any updates on it for several months tho...