What would you do with $25k?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. i thought he sold it and bought another one and started a new build up
  2. Invest it into mutual funds, I know some that have been 12% or better for the last 80yrs....compound that for 28yrs :eek: ....buy vett. AND a vacation home with one years intrest at end of the 28yrs.

    atleast thats what the wife and I are doing with the profits from selling our "starter" home in the next 3 or so years.
  3. $25K buys a viper that needs some work... :nice:
  4. i think almost everyone agrees about another enjoyable ride....but what everyone has a different opinion about it....like me i would search for 2 94-95 gt's or cobra's...i would keep one stock as a daily driver and modify the hell out of the other one....
  5. smart thing would be to invest, but if your not worried about money now or in the future, I second the notion for the 03 cobra if you still want to do mustangs.
    Could also get a decent vette for that kind of dough or for about 5k more a 94ish viper (im a viper fan lol).
  6. as much as I'd want to spend it on my car I'd pay off my STUDENT LOANS!!!
  7. Down payment on a house is the best thing. Then maybe you can get a loan using that as collateral and have everything you want, house and car. *Shrugs*
  8. I'd get a Ferrari 308 GTSi Quattrovalve, the car magnum PI drove, then you'd get to be with two chicks at the same time like someone said earlier :p
  9. 99-02 F250 Powerstroke 7.3L 4x4, full banks kit and a 6" skyjacker lift on 35x12.50s.
  10. Great suck up some more diesel and pollute more, good idea! Dunno why but my pet peeve is these people in their unnecessarily large monster trucks that they don't need n wonder why we have a fuel crisis. I pray he was kidding.
  11. the magic of compound interest :nice:

    $5000 invested at 10% per year for 60 years is 1.5 million. pretty easy retirement strategy if you can keep your hands off it until then

  12. This might just be my fathers truck but he gets around 20 mpg in his 2001 Diesel F350 quadcab 8 foot bed truck..:shrug: thats alot better gas mileage then most of the Suv's out there...
    Also you drive a mustang none of us on this site are really helping with the "Fuel Crisis" you so call it.:nonono:
  13. Does that explain why 98 pound soccer moms are plowing the things around.
  14. i'd pay off my credit cards, sink about $5 grand of it into my stang and then save the rest. Depending on if i stay in the northeast or not...the money saved would probably go towards an SUV in the fall lol.
  15. Haha whatever dude. The same could be said about all of us driving around in v8 mustangs with O/R midpipes when we could just be driving priuses and civics. Talk about preaching to the wrong choir. im done jacking the thread tho peace.
  16. I wouldn't put the money in a car for sure, most likely in a house
  17. Mutual funds, house, bank then car.
  18. i wish i knew what moneypit ended up doing with his car. that thing was sweet...
  19. X2
  20. if you decide not to sell yours, please send the guy my way. $25k and i wouldnt think twice much less look back. the money would go towards the down payment on a house or if i decided i need another toy either an 04 or so vette or an m3 of the same year.