what would you like to see for future mustangs

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  1. I was just looking at a magazine article about the bosses and thought about all the different engine options they had back in the day. In 69 you could get the 6 cyl, a 302, a 351, a 428, or 429. I think if ford wants to go retro with the mustang styling they should do the same with everything else like giving us lots of engine options. Not only have the 4.6, but the 5.0 and 5.4 or 5.8 as options as well. They should also offer a wide variety of colors, and introduce more specials like the twister special for example or the california special. That would definetly be cool. :nice:
  2. It would be cool. But companies aren't as able to do that anymore. Due to trying to cut costs. If the plant had to install various engines while still moving at speed it wouldn't happen. Errors would get made and costs would go up.
  3. that sucks seeing as this is 2003 and that was 1969, you think things would have improved alot.
  4. They did improve for the manufacturers. that's why we get option packages not individual options. It is supposed to benefityou in cost of the car.
  5. You forgot that there were 2 different versions of the 302 available in '69, a 2 barrel carb 302 and the Boss 302.

    Sorry, but you will never again see a range of engine options that comes close to 1969. Every engine / body combination has to be EPA certified and then calculated into the fleet EPA average. There is also a certain amount of crash testing that has to be done for each combination too. All engines have to be emission certified for both CA and the other 49 states. In addition you have to factor in that Ford most likely sold twice as many '69 Mustangs / year as they do today.

    However you have NOTHING to complain about. For 2003 - 2004 there are 4 Mustang engines to choose from, V6, SOHC V8, DOHC V8 & SC DOHC V8. When you consider that the MOST powerful factory stock engine ever sold by Ford in a Mustang is the 2003 - 2004 SC Mustang Cobra engine, I don't think that you have much to complain about.
  6. Just saying it was a nice thought :shrug: I wish I could have lived in the 60's during the days of the real muscle cars thats all.
  7. I just missed the 60's. But that's why I have a 66 fastback.
  8. The good old days aren't quite what people remember them to be. Most of the cars sold in the 1960's were not the high powered muscle cars we remember.
    Instead they most 60's cars were forgettable underpowered, ill handling, uncomfortable dogs, with garbage bias ply tires.

    You're too young to remember how hard it was to keep a engine like a 427 or Boss 302 running right. You needed to change the plugs, points & adjust the carb(s) every 10,000 - 12,000 miles and usually screw with the points and timing inbetween. Don't forget "adjusting the valves" for those solid lifters. Usually had to do that every couple thousand miles when new as they broke in and then 5,000 - 10,000 miles after that. Those junk bias belted tires stunk in the dry and were down right dangerous in the wet. The were usually wore out in less than 20,000 miles and you got flats all the time. The leaded gas not only used up spark plugs quick, but destroyed your plain steel exhaust system (no factory stainless back then) in 2 or 3 years.

    The average car today has far more HP than the average 1960's car. Remember until 1972 very inflated SAE gross HP ratings were used. In addition today's cars are far better handling and far more comfortable and requires 1/10 the maintanence.

    Probaby because most of the cars sold in the 1970's were so horrible that 60's cars hang in our memories as being special.
  9. ok ok but i'd still love to have a 69 mustang any style as long as its not a vert.
  10. The Only engins you might see are the v10 or the 5.4, most likely thats it. A
    V-10 would be bad @$$! If that comes out i'll make my brother or dad buy it since I have the Mach coming lol
  11. I'd rather see the 5.4 I'm for keeping mustangs v8 cars only its just more original that way
  12. Agreed :nice:
  13. T-tops, 5 or 6 speed automatic with paddle shifters, IRS on all cars, Bigger rim options on the cheaper cars, MORE HP
  14. IRS is on my wish list along with a Tiptronic type transmission, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  15. I'm with you as long as you put in some modern updates such as electronic ignition, modern radial tires, modern shocks, change the power steering so it isn't so over boosted, put on 4 wheel disk brakes, a nice fat steering wheel and a few other things will turn that 1969 Mustang into a far better car than it was in 1969.

    Those rear leaf springs on those old Mustangs kind of suck too, would love to be able to convert it to a coil spring / panhard bar setup.
  16. Not wanting to start the whole V-8 or V-10 arguement again, but...

    What is so original about a V-8? Cars have had v-8's in them for 70 years. I fail to see how that is very original. To me, a V-10, while not original in its own right, would still hold more of an originality to it than a V-8.
  17. True, but you won't see a V10 in a Mustang anytime soon, especially not in one with retro roots. Frankly, I'd much rather see Ford spend the money on the suspension than on the development of a new engine. But that's just my two cents.
  18. :hail2:
  19. Its just that its mustang heritage thats all but I guess the 4 cyl wasnt mustang heritage and the mustang had it for a number of years as well.