What would you like to see in a S197 BOSS Mustang?

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  1. If they kept the production low there would be room in the market. All they need to do is intro whatever specialty stang in low #'s when the new starts to wear off whatever is hot at the moment.

    Why not make the boss or the mach or some version be more focused on handling. They are not going to come out w/ a stang w/ more HP than the cobra, so why not bring one out w/ more HP than the GT but with closer to 50/50 weight distribution to enhance handling.
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  3. Has anyone addressed the issue with the cammer motor racing in Grand Am Cup but that engine is not homolgated into a production vehicle? I see that some posts talk about the cammer motor above and I, as well as others that I have spoken to, were under the impression that the Grand Am Cup rules state that vehicles taking part in this series had to be production based. (not just the motor, a production based vehicle) The other manufacturers in the series have a concern that Ford is able to race this car and there is no production vehicle sold with this engine and if you look at this series on Speedvision, Ford may actually wind up winning the championship. Having Ford as part of this series is a boost for the series itself but they could not do squat with the 4.6 N/A or supercharged motor in this series, so they virtually sent in a "ringer" motor that is the talk of the series. If Ford continues to do well, I don't think that the other manufacturers will balk at allowing them to race this motor next year without having it in a production vehicle and each of the cars they race in the series you can walk into a dealership and buy today. To that end, IMHO, the next Boss will be a Mustang with the Cammer motor in it. And why is Ford selling this very same motor to the public if it does not meet certain requirements? If that is the case, why would anyone buy this motor if it is not durable enough? That is a serious 14k something chance to take..
  4. Simple, when a race sanctioning org. wants to attract a new manufacturer into a series they cut them some breaks.

    A few years ago BMW wanted to race V8 3 series but was not allowed to. BMW packed their bags and went away (ALMS?). Later, to get BMW back in teh series, they relented and allowed BMW to race the V8 3 series even though no one could buy one.
  5. What I think a good viable idea for a Boss would be.

    4.6 NA with forged internals allowing higher RPM 7000-7500

    Higher flow/ported 3V heads with tuned VVT(to keep torque big and low and add horsies up high), new camshaft and better valve springs for the higher RPMs.


    CAI, TB, and high flow plenum to match.


    Better Headers with stock other stuff


    Beefed up 5 or 6 speed depending on pricing/ no need for an Auto this is a performance car.

    Note: the T56 has close to the same final gear as the T3650


    18x9 up front with 18x10 in the rear or 18x10 all around.

    Tighter Suspension with Chassis stiffening.

    GTs like this make around 350 RWHP
  6. True about BMW but they are about to come out with the V8 3 series now in the new M4 that is scheduled for next year. Yes, they want Ford back into Grand Am racing as they hope to capture some of the same magic from Trans Am racing back in the 60's and 70's but after this year or maybe next, Ford will have to do something whether it be change the motor or build a car around this one.
    Hell if this continues, who goes to say that Chevy won't take the 06 Z06 and race it as part of Grand Am soon? Thye have been racing it in ALMS but with a production version of the vehicle now, they should be able to race it and the new Mustang will get it's arse handed to it. I am a Mustang fan, have a modded 01 GT now and have had three others but other than the 03/04 Cobra, Frod hasn't done much engine wise since the 60's and 70's.
  7. True they only switched to OHC. And this year VVT.
  8. Also, there have been no engine failure in the cammer motor yet in Grand Am cup racing so it seems that the engine would be quite durable. It may not meet emission standards because of the agressive cam but as a friend of mine stated, if GM can get the cam in the new Z06 motor to be emissions legal, then why can't Ford tune the one in the cammer to pass? Seems to me that the cammer is the only motor that will be able to (aside from doing a 5.4 N/A 3 valve with a nice cam profile) make 375 to 400 HP N/A that would justify the Boss name. How much HP would the 5.4 that they are putting in the GT500 WITHOUT the blower make? There has to be another Boss Stang; they did a Bullitt, a Mach, Shelby is coming next, a N/A Boss with 375 to 400 HP for around 35K for the masses would sell great.
  9. Perhaps you should get aquainted with the cammer motor in the Grand Am racing series. It is NOT the crate motor you keep refering to. The crate motor is T50. The race engine is R50. And is more expensive. The engine in the race car is $18k. While the crate motor is considerably less. About $14k. Read teh newest 5.0 magazine about the engine in the racecar.
  10. An all aluminum 429 cid V12 with a 12psi superchager, 90lb injectors, dual ram air intakes, 11.5:1 comp hemispherical pistons with ported high flow aluminum hemispherical heads, full headers and straight back exhaust, 890hp with 1029 fpt, 6spd manual tranny with shifters mounted on the steering wheel, auto-clutch, 16 inch front 4 piston calipers, 14 inch rear 4 piston calipers, ABS, IRS, a full F16 cockpit seat with 4pt harness and a parachute.
  11. :lol: :lol: :notnice: You have obviously never sat in a Fighters seat. There is a reason jet jocks only go out for an hour at a time! :rlaugh: :lol: :lol:
  12. It's one thing to build a race motor that will make it through a 100 mile race without blowing up.

    It is quite another thing to make a highly tuned motor that will survive typical customer abuse for 150,000 miles.
  13. Can u say "Drag Pack Option"?

    3:93 gears
    Fat rear tires
    Magnum 500's tires
    Blacked out chin spoiler / rear spoiler
    Boss "Hockey Stick" decals (ala 70's version)
    Hurst option (with that cool retro's white knuckle duster model) including rear "Hurst" badging

    and all the other stuff (shaker..etc) that makes a "Boss" a "Boss"....

  14. I would like to see Salma Hayek and Halley Berry giving an oil massage to angelina Jolie. Hey, I can almost see it now. And there I am in a cable guy outfit, "Hello Ladies, where would you like it hung?" Yep, that's what I'd like to see. Infinately better chance of me buying the new Ford GT. Sure, that's gonna happen.
  15. I would like to see a shaker hood similar to the mach 1's.
    I would also like it to have the 4 valve dohc similar to the mach 1 and a 6spd manual tranny. I like everything else about the new mustang. :flag: :nice:
  16. We need access to the 420 HP 5.0L Crammer Engine, an IRS option, 6-speed, Brembos, maybe a ‘Grabber’ Paint Scheme. A Retro Interior – None of this Red Interior junk and some nice fat wide tires!

  17. I would like to see a 429 Cobra Jet Mustang Supercharged with 600RWHP, street legal.. 6Spd Tranny, and wing that lifts off the back of the trunk deck once you get to 60MPH.. You know, it raises up like the Porsche's.. That would be sweet.. And keep the price to under $35,000. Then sell it to me with the employee discount..

    Fords answer to the Lamborgini Diablo!! LOL!!
  18. 5.4L crankin out 350-380 HP stiffer suppension and gearing options 3.55 - 4.10 every other option would be liek the GT
  19. Acutaly i think it would be best if they Made the GT have a Boss option package With 4.10 gears optional strippings and a 5.4L
  20. Just so the 5.4 liters engines that you all are refering to is Aluminium. The cast iron would make too much weight and would not be true to the boss.