What would you like to see in a S197 BOSS Mustang?

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  1. If they are going to make a BOSS mustang it should live up to it's trans-am racing heritage. It needs better handling w/ wider wheels and Tires, Less weight which means: Aluminum Bock 4.6 or 5.4 w/4-valve heads, and a 6 speed, At least the Cobra brake package, Aluminum one-peice driveshaft. Have it come in under 3400lbs so you can at least somewhat compete with a new C6 (non-ZO6) on the road course. Save the Drag-paks and such for the new Mach1. These are just my thoughts on the subject. My dad would jump into a new 06' GT today, but I keep telling him to wait for these special models to come out from Ford. I don't know if I can hold him off another year.
  2. I agree with alot of what your saying. How about a shaker hood, 5.4 V8,6 spd, special upgrade wheels, special striping, int upgrade (Boss stitching). Price it between a GT and a 500 at 35K. Sign me up!
  3. it is my favorite model..
  4. One thing I have found interesting on all these pages -- rim size! Everyone seems to want a 5.0L+ engine, shaker hood, graphics, special colors, louvers...but no one wants the classic style 14x7 or 15x7 rims that all those Boss came with. Seems one thing has changed between then and now!

    For me:
    #1 =302cid, if not that then anything larger than the 4.6L, this must rev high!
    #2 =functional shaker hood if engine is 5.4L or smaller...if its larger then something like the Boss 429 hood
    #3 =louvers, graphics, grabber blue/orange/yellow, legend lime
    #4 =differing skirts than the GT wears
    #5 =some small, but noticeable interior cues
  5. The good old days when Ford could offer a Shelby, Mach 1 and Boss on the showroom floor at the same time are gone. I hope that the marketing folks will offer different things with each special model. We can see that in the Shelby. Ford has gone whole hog with a big motor and lots of luxury stuff for a powerful Sunday afternoon cruise.

    I hope the Boss will come out as a lightweight street fighter. More powerful, all aluminium motor, big brakes, suspension that is tuned to take to the track, not tuned for the average Joe who wants to drive a pretty show pony.

    Even put on some adjustable Koni shocks and struts. Set this thing up for the guy who wants to participate in high performance driving days and racing schools. I love driving my 1995 Cobra R on the road. I never could figure out why Ford was unwilling to tune all Cobra suspensions like the R model.

    Lets have a Boss that turns away from everything designed to add weight and complexity for the sake of bringing back the "good old days". Shaker, out! Nonfunctional scoops, gone. Bling bling wheels, NOT! Have the grabber colors if you need them. I hope they build it on the new body style in 2009!

  6. should have a 5.4 without the supercharger, 350-360 hp, shaker hood, 5 or 6 spd, exclusive color options.
  7. YEAH! What he said! :owned:
  8. Ive been waiting for a while, make mine 302 CI with big brakes,6 speed,reduced weight but keep the shaker 500.
  9. I like in new Boss, 1970 stripes on the Boss, on side it should read (THE BOSS) Chin spoiler & with new 5.0 BOSS V8 with 550hp with 6 speed man. and 6 speed auto. here's might I think it should look like:lol:

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  10. where were this pics taken what dealership
  11. It is from ebay Ford dealership it is for sale here more pics

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  12. I like this one!



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  13. tuff question

    My behind, keys in the ignition, "paid if full" receipt, and my beautiful wife-who would be as happy as me to have it.
    Really, I would like to see some availability-not rip-off pricing like they do with the Shelbys. You KNOW if the Boss comes thru with a good engine and a sturdy drive train it will be a feeding frenzy like the Shelby and prices will again go thru the roof.:(
  14. Motor Trend says it is a go for NEXT YEAR!

    I do not believe it, but I like what they say about it, stripped down for lighter weight and a 425 hp Hurricane based V-8.

    I hope it is true and bring on the 69 C stripe!

  15. I would like to see lots of things.

    -2005 platform, but with hips
    -chin spoiler
    -black spoiler
    -shaker hood
    -the boss decals and stripes
    -mag wheels
    -bit bigger tires
    -engine options like 3.8L 6 or the 4.6L 8 or 5.0L 8 or the 5.4L
  16. why a 3.8L 6 cyl? :shrug:
  17. nothing less than 750 rwhp, as in the Shinoda twin turbo Boss. Vipers and Cobras could then watch the Boss go bye!:nice:
  18. Good luck with that. Especially for an affordable price.