What would you like to see in a S197 BOSS Mustang?

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  1. Engine

    1. The 302 cammer
    2. The PJ 302 that Saleen used
    3. In the neighborhood of 400hp


    1. IRS
    2. Lowered stance
    3. something other than the current soft bushings


    1. Base GT with racing seats, and complete with AC and Stereo


    1. 6 speed w/ short throw shifter


    1. Nothing cheesy
    2. Boss logos and striping are good
    3. Limited colors Grabber Orange and Blue, and a Yellow are a must
    4. 18"-19" wheels no bigger no smaller
    5. Replica of the original rear spoiler would add a touch of nostalgia, but not necessary


    Weight reduction:

    I know ac would be an obvious place to start cutting weight, but I think it would be a good idea to keep it on this car. I don't think you have to go with full leather dash like the GT500 though.

    Also I have heard other mention cutting down on noise insulation, I think this is fine.

    What else could go to get the BOSS down in weight?

    I want to see a mustang that can run with the new camaro in the quarter mile, and the new BMW M3 in the twisties.

    Oh and I want it all for 35K or less (not too much to ask, right?)

    Sorry for the long post, but if Ford gets the BOSS right I will be in line!
  2. First off, Id like to see myself in a Boss Mustang.:nice: Other then that... naturally aspirated 400-450 horsepower, 6 speed manual, options to have 3:73 or 4:10 rear gears. Id like to see it have stroker 4.6 or preferably a stroked 5.4. Or better yet a completly new engine. 6.0L plus:flag: ... Functional shaker hoodscoop, and of course the rear window louvers and spoiler. OH... almost forgot... extensive weight savings. Lets loose 600 lbs, ok?

    I'll take two, where do I sign?
  3. Have you seen the GAS Boss 302? That's a pretty sweet ride, grabber blue. 302 naturally aspirated. i think ford endorsed the car.
  5. well if she is not willing to ride in the shinoda I will take Angelina Jolie!!!
  6. 5.4L bored out to 5.8 if possible (aluminum block and heads). 6 speed tremec with a hurst shifter. Shaker hood. 400+ hp, more than 450 tq. If not then a 302 cube modular engine.

    18 inch wheels for the drivers, optional 19 or 20's for the show ponies. Suede interior, aluminum accents, big brakes, magnetic ride control.

    I'd like to see some cool colors, not remakes but new ones that are as attention grabbing as the originals, and of course the flat black graphics/stripes.
  7. Lots of great input relative to engine, power, suspension, even colors, but the most important thing is weight reduction.

    The most economical way Ford could produce a marketable Boss would be to utilize the existing 4.6, with decent intake, exhaust, and tune (and I mean a real tune, not the FRPP crap!). This with IRS and other suspension upgrades, as well as all the other cosmetic goodies mentioned should sell for under $35K easy.

    The key is weight reduction.... stripped interior with options for radio delete, a/c delete, rear seat delete, and leaner racing type seats.

    A Mustang that runs 330-350HP NA, weighs 200-300 lbs less than a GT, and has the signature Boss look would be accepted and sell in that market niche very well.

    It's not what most people are mentioning here, but it's the most realistic. If Ford decided to produce the super car everybody is talking about here, then it would just be another Saleen PJ, limited production model most of us couldn't afford or get our hands on.
  8. A Flux capasitor