What ya think??

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  1. I had someone photoshop these on my car. I plan on getting them this spring. Whatcha think? (sorry, the pic isn't the best quality!) :D
  2. I say thank you and I hate you...j/k

    I have similar wheels on my 1991 Convertible and I have gotten price to get either silver with white stripes or dark blue with white stripes. Now I know what mine will look like AND YOU STOLE MY PAINT SCHEME IDEA :D

    I also have a stock type fiberglass hood with the SVO hood scoop, the Cobra grille insert but with the running horse and a feature car rear wing.
  3. Well it'll be a vast improvement over what it has but you GOTTA GET SOME POWER UNDER THAT HOOD! Otherwise people will disrespect you, trust me I know.
  4. I like them.
  5. wow...very nice, that was photoshoped??? wow...whoeverdid it is good. can you get em to do mine? andit looks good!!!
  6. Thanks Everyone!! :D

    $$$$$$$:D SOMEDAY, I'll do a turbo! Just not for awhile, my engine is fine for now(although it does suck) It runs really good too! :D

    It had someone on TMS do it!! :nice: