What year F-100 is this? I'm not too good with the years

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  1. I found this truck and its great. The dash could use some patchpanels to replace some dented pieces. It needs a fender, grill, bumper etc but the inner fenders and such are wonderful. Minor rust in the floors, and bed corners...straight body, 300I6, automatic I do believe and looks to be all complete and its just in pretty nice shape. But what the heck year it is I'm thinkin of seein if it could be had from the junkyard for a few hundred bucks..he is scrapping most stuff and dont seem to care.
  2. My dad and I have owned a total of 8 F-series trucks. The 300 is a great engine for a truck, stock it made about 10hp less than a 302 but it made a lot more torque. In fact, you'd have to go above a 351 to get a higher torque rating. Do you have a picture of it? or could you give some of the detail like the grill, fuel door type? 73-79 are VERY similar
    73-77 had same front grill. 75 (I'm pretty sure) and later had a fuel door on the side where pevious models only had the cap. Interior is the same.
    78-79 had its own grill (better in my opinioin) that was shared with the Broncos of those years. The grills are interchangable. The interior has subtle differences like the steering column.
    If its pre 73 it has a ridge on the side of the truck, don't know much about those models

    EDIT: I see you added an attachment but for some reason it won't show up for me. :nonono:
  3. a pic of it would be extremely helpful......otherwise the door tag would suffice
  4. what happened to my attachment...it was there then dissappeared..dang attachment thing....it always gives me trouble...anywho, I'm thinkin its around a 66 though.

    What the hell?! :mad: I just put the attachment up again and its dissappeared...any idea whats up w/ that? If someone knows the years I'll just email the pic of the truck.
  5. If your sure its a 60 someting I might not be much help, but I'd still like to see it.
  6. I emailed the pic to ya..i know its a 60s somethin...i at least know the 73-79 decently since i'm restoring mine but other than that i'm clueless
  7. TSW: The vehicle's title or registration would indicate the year of manufacture. It is tough to base the year on a visual impression because parts may have been swapped around. The difference between years is often subtile. For example, my former '72 F-250 4X4 looked EXACTLY like a '71 except for a minor difference in the grille.
  8. send it to me, I know the 60's trucks very well, I've had a 63, a few 65's, and a 66.
  9. I finally found out its a '65. I hope I can get that truck maybe...cant afford to do more than strip it down and throw a tarp over it but it'd be good in the backyard for after I get done w/ NTI.
  10. TSW: The ol' "blue tarp" will do wonders for your property values. :D A '65 Ford PU has a straight axle up front and rides like a tank. I guess I don't understand why you want it but "different strokes".

  11. I havent got to drive a 65 before...but my reasoning....it looks sweeeeet :D :banana: :banana:
  12. sorry SD, but you are incorrect. 64 was the last year for straight axles, 65 was the first year for the famous twin I beam front end, which was still used until 96 I believe. They actaully drive ok, they have a tendency to lean in turns because they don't have a sway bar, but fit it with a sway bar and you're good to go. Nice trucks, they're going up in value too......