What Years Had Problems,

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  1. What years did the mustang have trouble with sparkplugs breaking or timming chain?

  2. 05 to mid 08 16 mm spark plug -coil no# 3L3E they break .After mid 08 and 09 to 2010 12mm spark plug -coil no# 8L3E OK. Never heard about the timing chaines
  3. Thanks!!! 05 Black GT ,, sounds like the mustang does not have the timing chain problem , that some of the other ford motors have
  4. Just make sure you spray penetrating oil down around your spark plug threads, let it sit for an hour or two, and be very deliberate and slow as you break them loose. Just don't spray too much oil since it will runs down into the cylinders, and let it dry for a while before you install the new plugs. Buy single piece plugs and make sure the block and cylinder heads are completely cool before attempting to remove the old ones.
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  5. He's right. My car is nearly stock, I pulled the factory plugs at around 70,000 the way he said, no problems. I now run the Champion 7989 (only stock heat range single piece plug, the rest are for power adders). I'm at 1506,000 now and cleaned the 7989s once. I will be replacing them soon, but they have been working great.