What Years Had The Push Rod Motor

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  1. what year,s were push rod motor in the v-6 mustang?
  2. no body knows?
  3. Wrong section to ask the question Chief.

    A pushrod V-6 was never installed in a S 197 body.

    Maybe you might ask that question in one of the other forums somewhere NEAR the decade it was installed,.....like maybe 1990?Soooo maybe fox/sn 95?
    IDK,....maybe even the MII decade?
  4. Can't say for sure on the later model Mustangs IIs in the 70s had a 2.8L push rod V-6 availble as an option.
  5. FWIW, even though the thread is old, 2004 was the last year for pushrod V6 engines.

    I don't think the Fox-body had a V6 (I think there may have been a straight 6 early on) and 1974 was the first year for the V6 in any Mustang.