Mach 1 What you like see in next Mach1 in 2009 or 2010

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What you what in next Mach1?

  1. Do you what 5.0 V8 with shaker

  2. Do You what 4.6 V8 with shaker

  3. Do You what 5.4 V8 with shaker

  4. Do you what 5.4 V8 Super Charger

  5. Do, you what 2003/04 Mach1 style seats

  6. Do what the 07/08 CS/GT style seats

  7. 6speed man

  8. 5speed man

  9. 6speed auto.

  10. 5speed auto.

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. I don't know guys..... I have a '69 Mach that will get a new stable mate as soon as Ford releases an '09 Mach 1 for me. I think it would be awesome to own the same model - just 40years later.
    I'm not sure why so many are opposed to it...the 03's/4's won't move down in value just because the new one comes out, and what a great tribute to the original,. Especially since the S197 is based on my body??????
    I will even sell my '69 Camaro with a 383 + T56 6-speed to get it!
  2. This isn't a Mach, but I hope it would look like this





  3. It could look like that:D
  4. that would look real good in my garage along with my 03 Zinc Yellow Mach 1
  5. If i had an 05 and up mustang, it would have to look like that yellow one in the showroom:drool:
  6. How are we gonna have a new Mach without Scott Hoag at the helm?
  7. Jack Roush is helping,out?
  8. i want it to be the 03-04 mach 1 but weigh a little less.
  9. I do not want them to come out with another one this soon. I bought my 03 Mach 1 knowing it will be a real true collectors car. They should build the Boss 302 again. That is what they should build next.
  10. Next Mach 1

    I dunno. Ford insulated the $#!+ out of the 69/70, and added a bunch of weight (think luxury sport)...

    I know I'm in the grand minority, having a '70, but I'm just a bit biased. My wish list includes some moe badging; old school touches like the chrome letters on the rear deck. Perhaps the satin black trim. I love the new Foose hood that incorporates the 69-70 arrowhead bump in the middle. It fits perfectly.
    Besides, some sources mention touches of 1970 styling in the 2010 (again, the bias), though I don't see it.

    I like the idea, however remote, of a big, snarling, air breathing engine, but that's not realistic this day and age.

    Personally, if you bring back the Boss 302(5.0), call the car as such and drop a stripe down the side.

    Happy Labor Day:flag: Labour Day:canada:
  11. Ford may bring out the 40th Anniv. Mach1 in Spring 09.:nice:
  12. I wouldn't mind, but I'd have to sell the '08 Bullitt and get it, and I'm likin' the Bullitt, but for a Mach1, I would sell! :flag:

    The new Mach1 would be sitting in the garage beside my slower '03 because the new one would have the biggest V-8, 4 cam, 32 valve, normally aspirated Engine Ford produces, 6-speed, 4.30 differential, Koni shocks, massive sway bars, chassis stiffening throughout, aluminum drive shaft, throughly lightened bare bones ('00 Cobra R style) . . . . oh well, dream on, I'll take a new version though, as long as it has all the basic Mach1 goodies. :D
  13. If you ever did sell the Bullitt for a new Mach1, My dad would be interested, he wants a bullitt.
  14. I have a 03 Mach 1, I really do not want a newer one, I would not buy a newer one, I think a 2050 would be about right, come out with a different name car, how long are we going to stay in the past????
    Bob in Maine
  15. You maybe see it by 2012 with new 32 value 5.0 V8.:)