What'd you get for Christmas?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by DanM, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Mustang stuff, of course. :) After all, that's what the holidays are about, getting cool gifts. :D

    I scored some new Ford floormats with a little pony on em, fender covers for working on the car, a gasket set, two little models to build (a 68 GT-500 and an 03 Cobra), and a VERY cool book called Mustang - 40 Years. Huge book full of pictures and history and stuff like that, highly recommended.

    So what did you guys get?

    And don't any of you rich little **********s dare say "my mommy got me a supercharger", or I'll punch you in the throat and feed you your own ass. Jealousy is, after all, the second most important sentiment of the holiday season. :D
  2. Clothes
    mach 1 grill delete
    mach 1 chin spoiler
    Mustang calendar
    Mustang Model
    other stuff thats not materialistic :D
  3. I got a 2001 v6, lots of cleaner for it, a new face for the stereo in it, and 300 dollars so i can get some mods.
  4. My daddy got me a supercharger and a Ford GT500. :D And my mommy got me a 03 Cobra. And my sister got me 66 Mustang.

    Now for real I got a PS2 and alot of games for it. Nothing for my car becouse my parents dont know what to buy if I told them where to get it and exactaly what to ask for.
  5. Magnaflow Mufflers and Tips
    Digital camera
    Cordless Screwdriver
    Couple more little odds and ends
  6. A 700 buck repair bill for my car cuz a girl backed into my rear quarter panel :)
  7. hey Dan, i got that same book, its awesome, a ton of great pics.
    other then that, not a whole lot, some clothes, and some petty stuff. My car was my b-day present and x-mas present, for like the next three years.
  8. Nice, the big white one? It's pretty good, eh? Great pics, and the written history is pretty interesting too.
  9. Well i got leather seats for my stang off of ebay from my dad and when they got here we found out they were crap. they are all cracked and torn and im pissed. But my cousin did get a 99" V6 mustang, and its even black, its exactly like mine but its an automatic since he lives in a city. Thats one more mustang in the family which puts us up to 5. :)
  10. a lump of coal :D
  11. A Big Fat Credit Card Bill!
  12. Steeda tri-ax shifter
    new tools
    FUTURAMA vol. 2
    a new engine cuz my old one blew up
    and about 10 lbs
  13. props to u guys that got stuff for your stang my parents told me that im on my own with that. they did get me some factory floor mats though since my car had really crappy plastic ones when i bough it used. i also got some little 1:24th scale stangs and some posters.

    other then that i got NFS underground and tony hawks underground for my xbox that must have broken christmas day(it wont read games and i think its scratching em), money, and clothes
  14. dvds
    a cd which has gone missing
    some clothes
    and i got myself a x-box w/games
  15. I got a trip to Cancun for Spring Break at an all-inclusive resort...man I can't wait 'til March.
  16. I got;
    FR500 Steering Wheel
    Fog lamps w/ factory switch

    And the order is being placed tonight for;
    Bullitt Mustang Suspension Kit (Springs,Shocks/Struts, Front and Rear Sway bars)
    Cobra Front Brake upgrade
    Rear Rotors and Pads

    And maybe;
    Flowmaster American Thunder exhaust
    MAC Pace Setter H-Pipe
  17. I got tickets to the Daytona 500 and pre-race passes!! :nice: :nice:
  18. MAC CAI, Mustang 40 years book, a few things from MGW for the stang and the usual clothes.
  19. xbox and few games, and some ramps so i actually get under the stang with outgetting the jack out