Whats A Broken T-5 Worth?

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  1. Its not broken per se'. The syncros are gone on two gears (2/3) I think.
    I'd rebuild it,...but that's all I know. I'd want the bell housing, shifter, and pedals when offering a price.
  2. i sold three busted t5's to a guy for $250. there were enough parts amongst the three (minus wear items) to build a good one though. with the bell, shifter, and pedals, i'd say somewhere around $200 probably
  3. It's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Just depends on who's looking at the time, and what their expectations are. I'd put down $200 obo.

  4. What does a used working T-5 go for? I don't think I would buy a broken one to fix it. Probably $30-35 bucks in scrap?
  5. I've rebuilt a few t-5s in my time. Working on one right now.

    Every single broken core transmission I've started with was obtained for free.

    Funny thing was if I ever advertised I was looking for busted t-5s, guys would want $100 for them. The best was when I was looking for a stock smog pump setup and put out a local feeler. Guy claimed he had tons sitting in his garage taking up space....then wanted $100 for the setup.

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  6. honestly i wouldnt pay more than50 dollars for a tranny that needs a rebuild
  7. I sold a T5 with a cracked tail casing for $125. Someone will want it. There's $100 in usuable parts in there. Someone out there has a T5 with a broken gear or something and will buy it for spare parts.

  8. I sold mine out of my '95 for $50 with a bad third gear syncro. I planned to rebuild it, but the car was long gone and I never dreamed I would need it for a V8 powered Ranger. Are you looking to buy one, or sell one?
  9. The subject of my other question,...my son bought that 89. I gotta say I've never seen a car this badly rusted.
    (But then,..It's been almost 30 years since I've lived in a state that used salt on the roads in the winter)





    The front subframe at the K-member mount point is completely disintegrated. He hasn't put it up in the air yet,... but I'm sure that I would gasp if I was under it.

    Basically, he bought a running 5.0 (that looks stock), backed up by a blown up t-5, ending out back w/ an 8.8 w/ some aftermarket low gear set.. The exterior sheet metal looks good, as does the grey tweed interior w/ sport seat front buckets.

    for 500.00.

    Conversely,..the topside looks really pretty decent ( supposedly 60k miles) The interior sure looks like it's low miles,...but there is also some reddish discoloration going on.



    So, this brings about a dilemma. How could a car that looks so "good" for it being so old be so damn rusty?
    Would you try and save it?

    The exterior of the car looks as good as this tail shot, w/ only a small dent in the front edge of the pass fender,..and a stupid lift off cowl as potential detractors.

    I was telling him he has to part it out because of the rust,...The reason for this thread is to determine how much the sum of the parts would be worth. is that the right option?
  10. You can't fault someone looking to make a buck. Simple supply and demand. If someone I don't know wants something I have, I'm going to try to get SOMETHING for it. My problem is, I give away valuable stuff to my friends, and then I'm left with worthless stuff to try to sell to strangers, hahaha.

    100$ for pretty much worthless smog stuff is pretty steep though.
  11. You would make your $500 back easily. I've parted out cars in similar shape. I made about $1500 as long as you aren't in a rush. Then I scrapped the shell.

    You could also buy.a clean 4-banger and swap everything over.
  12. I would fix that car. The strut tower repair is not that extensive and requires maybe 2 days of work plus pulling and installing the engine, another days worth of work? The 91Gt I just got has a little bit of rot in the strut towers that I will be fixing soon before it all goes back together. I'll document the process for all that are interested.
  13. My buddy had a fox like that and sold it for 500 because of the location scare of where the rust was. I told him to fix it because it wasn't a big deal but he didn't want to bother. That car is clean on the outside but I'm not sure if I would bother all that rust right there. Donor!!!

    *Is it me, or is that hatch rusty too?*