Whats a good cheap street tire?

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  1. I am soon to have a set of 17 inch built rims..Whats a good brand of tire.I want something cheap but good.I know you get what you pay for but want to hear ya'lls opion..I am thinking about going 245 up front and 275 out back..
  2. Sumitomo HTRZ II...on special right now at tire rack......$99 for 275's....and its a good tire...
  3. Ive bought tires from this guy and if you can find the right size you want, you can get them cheaper than TireRack. I won the auction, then had the tires the next day!


    Hes got a lot of different sizes, maybe you can find the one you are looking for.
    Hope this helps
  4. Falken Ziex ZE-512s are rated #1 by Consumer Reports magazine :nice:

    They are $109 in the stock size of P245-45ZR17.
  5. The Kumho Supra Ecsta 712's are a nice cheap "Z" rated tire. I think they still make them or else the "MX"s. Don't get the 711 cause they are "H" rated and look like regular tires. Go for the performance tread. :nice:
  6. Thats what i was thinking is the 712's! I had 711's on my old sebring they really were not a bad tire..But I wouldnt put them on my stang..
  7. I can't knock my old set of them. They were better than the stock Gatorbacks and I got them for about $110 each balanced and mounted. The guy tried to mount 711's but I caught him before he made the mistake. Definite tread design difference. They hook really well once hot (but not as well as my F1s). Right now I'm on my third set of tires for my pony and I'm experimenting with the expensive Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3s. I commute 150 miles a day in what I call "Death Race 2006" between Colorado Springs and Denver. My next tires will be Bridgestone KD2s... (expensive too)

    Kilgore's suggestion is a really good one too from the posts I've read. And the Sumitomos.