Whats A Maf Adapter And Why Would I Need One?

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  1. Im thinking of getting a 70mm MAF Sensor from a 94-95 Mustang but I keep reading that Im gonna need a MAF Adapter. Is it a wiring harness adapter for the plug, or is it an adapter so itll fit on the intake tubing. I have a 70mm Throttle Body, but I used the rubber ends from my BBK Cold Air Intake and hose clamp to tighten it on to the Throttle Body. Can I just do the same for the Maf Sensor if thats what the Adapter is for?
  2. Adapter that fits on the tubing.
  3. Ok wasnt to sure what it was. Thanks for the reply
  4. the 94/95 sensor housing uses a square flange on the front side instead of the hose clamps like the 89-93, the adapter is basically just a plate with a tube extension to be able to use it with the stock-style setup.
  5. The 70 MM MAF has a 4 bolt flange and you need a slip flex duct connecter to mate the flex duct. That's what the MAF adapter is for.


    Metal flange adapter http://www.kustomz.com/cat3.html Buy the TR70 for $40 Or spend some time on eBay looking for one that may fit.
  6. Ok thats a far better explanation. I think autozone might carry them.