what's all this stuff worth?

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  1. My engine refused to run anymore. So now, I'm thinking of selling what I can from it to finance the rest of my car. Once they're cleaned up, I'm sure I can sell the upper intake, lower intake, throttle body, and the heads. I still have everything down to the crank bearings. I just don't know what any of it is worth or what else I can sell. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Stock or aftermarket?

    need more details of what you have to sell
  3. i believe the intakes and throttle body are aftermarket, everything else is stock
  4. The stock stuff is probably worth less than the cost to ship it.That stuff is available anywhere

    You need to post what kind of intake and throttle body before anyone can tell you if is worth something

    Posting pictures would be even better
  5. first two

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  6. last two

    sorry about the small pics, it's the only way i could get them all in.

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  7. What do you mean by refused to run any more? Is it high milage?

    That intake looks like Edlebrock to me. You can probably get 250 or 300. Cant tell about your heads but I am guessing stock.

    You can get a summit rebuild kit for the bottom end for about 270.

    Good Luck.
  8. The intake is about the only thing worth selling, looks like an older Performer intake maybe get 200 or 250 outta it. The rest you prolly won't get nothing for be better off chucking them in the trash or using them as a door stop. Hell i can't even get rid of my Ports E7's for a decent price an their in perfect shape.