35th Anniv whats amiss about this GT???

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by VOORHEES, May 12, 2011.

  1. Could of been in an accident and they just used regular GT stuff to repair. Or who knows, maybe the owner just liked the different stuff off a regular GT.

    But for 49K miles, that thing is filthy on the inside and engine bay. The seats are stretched and marked up, and he's asking that much. HA, good luck.

    My GT had 104K miles when I sold it and was literally immaculate compared to that.
  2. I would have to agre with you about an accident, but it says "It has never been in an accident and still has all the factory body panels and paint."

  3. Is'nt that a GT hood from 2001+? What about the honeycomb on the trunk lid?

  4. The hood is correct for a 99' LE, but some of the items are incorrect for an "LE". The rockers and side scoops aren't correct.
  5. The tail panel honey comb is part of the LE package as well.

    Thats the car that has that nifty under hood badge I posted about...its on eBay as well
  6. Looks like it may be missing the front fog lights and where's the 35th Ann LE Shift knob?
    Very shady car . . .
  7. OK . . I think I see the fog light switch in the console, so has fog lights. But not only is the shift knob wrong, so is the boot... I wonder if someone put some 35th LE goodies on a regular GT and then added a plate from someone else? Voorhees, it's listed on ebay with this VIN ... 1fafp42xxxf166319 ... is it on your list?


    The guy says "The car has always been in the south and is rust free" but it spent its first 6 years in New York . . . . . Shady indeed!

  8. Yes, it is #1177 of 4,628. I just find the items in question quite strange.
    Now, if it got out the door that way, that would be different. But I doubt that.

    I only live about 45 minutes north of Auburn, but would like to see it in person.

  9. He wont get 10K for that car, i would guess 8K at most.
  10. I'd agree with you on that and the fact that it is filthy on the inside. For only 49k miles those seats look to be in very bad shape. Someone wasn't loving their stang it appears :)
  11. Since he is not the original owner, there is no telling why it is missing the items mentioned. He may believe it is original paint, but untill someone with the ability to spot repaints (some are real good) puts an eye to it, i would doubt the claim of original paint. Anything could have happened to this car over the last 8 or so years. I used to work at a dealer and know how these things happen. For instance, someone gets sideswiped in his 2 month old 99 GT LE, the bodyshop cant get a scoop or correct rocker moulding, but can get a set from a standard GT, the owner says thats fine, just swap em out. Another possibility that happens is when models cross over at the plant, many times, leftover parts are just used up, there are lots of examples of this kind of thing. So in some rare instance, maybe this car left the factory like this. Likely not because of its spot on the timeline of cars, but id it was one of the first GT LE's, i might believe it. It is apparently a LE accord ing to the vin so thats good.

    But if i had to lay money on it, id bet it had a repaint, maybe had some damage on one side that killed the scoop and mldg, there was an available donor to get parts from cheaply (or maybe 35th stuff was unavail) and the car was repaired as best it could be. ive seen it a thousand times.

    Decent car, decent mileage, probably worth $7500 -8000 in todays market.