Whats Best Oil To Run,whats Ya Opinion

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  2. Yep, you can use Royal Purple in it now. I changed mine to RP really early on and have had no issues.
  3. Amsoil is the best, after all they invented synthetic oil!!!! Their Signature series, (which i use), can go 25k miles without changing, and 15k under heavy duty racing conditions...

  4. Stop yelling at me
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  5. Amsoil did not invent synthetic oil. Synthetic oil was developed in different formulations by the US and Germany during W.W. II for use in aircraft decades before Amsoil even existed.

    Amsoil was however the first company to sell synthetic oil specifically for automotive use to the general public. Whether or not they are the best is a matter of opinion.
  6. Royal Purple is all I use!!
  7. I like Texas products and Royal Purple is well known so I use them.
  8. Never seen so many people running Royal Purple. I'm not sure if they even sell it around here. All my family has ever used is Valvoline.

    You can also add Z-Max for that added protection. It also removes deposits inside the engine. On TruckU I believe it is, they took apart a used engine, put it back together, used Z-Max, and over the course of several weeks, they continually took the engine apart to show how much less deposits are there. It soaks into the metal and better lubricates and protects. They also make fuel additives.

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  9. Amsoil or Redline.
  10. I've always used Mobil 1 in my mustangs, but I'm pretty sure than any brand name synthetic oil will work just as well.
  11. Any base 4 synthetic (Mobil 1 EP, Royal p, Amsoil ). I use Mobil 1 extended performance. Mobil 1 synthetic non EP line is a base 3 stock as with others like Castrol, Valvoline etc.
  12. Give Quaker State Q Ultimate Durability Full Synthetic a try. In my 350z I was getting 3/4-1 MPG more with the Quaker State then with Mobile 1 or Royal Purple. That is what i plan on running in my Coyote Crate Motor after the first or second oil Change. The 350z has around 130,000 miles so i changed it every 5,000. Also in SW Indiana it is about $1.50-$2 cheaper than the Mobile or RP
  13. I like the really dark brown stuff.
  14. Mobil 1 0w-40 European Car. It's very high in zinc antiwear, and is a true grade iv based synthetic. In the US, a lot of the synthetics are not true synthetics. Europe has tougher standards of what a synthetic is. Castrol and I think Penzoil have euro oil as well. Royal Purple, Amsoil, Redline, etc all of those botique oil companies don't go through the same testing as the major manufacturers, but they are probably pretty good. Not worth the extra cost IMHO though. www.bobistheoilguy.com for more info.
  15. My understanding is mobil 1 EP is part base 3 and part base 4. Still a good oil, but not 100% base 4 like the european car oil.
  16. Oil... pfft... who needs f**king oil :rolleyes:
  17. I use Mobil 1 5-30 in mine as I've used it in all my vehicles for years. However, I don't believe you could go wrong with any synthetic that's available. I don't read too much into some of the 'hype' displayed here or the claims of one oil over another. I don't really think you could tell a real difference in how one oil may outperform another. I don't buy into the '25k' oil change either. How many people on here have gone 15 to 25k between oil changes and can sing it praises? The last person who swore by this was my dad, years ago, using Amsoil. When he past, I inherited his car and couldn't believe the sludge build up over the period of the claimed 25k oil change. Not going to buy it now-a-days either. Change your oil every 5k and you'll never see the sludge. I change mine in my GT once every 18mos. 'cause I only put on 1500 to 2k in a year.
  18. Ford engineers put a great deal of time and effort into testing the motor with Motorcraft 5w20 Synthetic Blend. Why not stick with the oil that the motor was designed to be run with?
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  19. For now, I use Mobil 1 in my Mustang.

    I've used Quaker State Q off and on in my daily driver when its on sale. I've noticed that it uses less oil on Q than when using conventional.