Whats better to own...99 Black Cobra or 96 Mystic Cobra

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  1. I have a 99 black cobra. Been thinking of getting a 96 mystic one. Which one is better to own? Been thinking of selling the 99 if i do get the 96, but not sure. I owe about 15,000 on it with 77,000 miles on it. Any chance i could get that for it? Maybe i should just keep what i have, or should i get the mystic, got it to 9000 with 96000 miles on it. thanks
  2. the 99 is faster isn't it?

  3. If it were me, I'd keep what you have already. Pay it off, and then buy a mystic so you have one of each.
  4. definatly pay off what you have, with as many miles as you have on it you probably wont get what you owe. I have alot less miles than you and a few more mods and I have tossed up the idea of selling mine but the market isnt good right now.
  5. Mystic-s ... they can look black too. Nuff said! :worship: :eek: :drool:

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  6. Id keep the 99.
  7. One more vote for keeping the '99.
  8. how do you know what # cobra you have?? :shrug:
  9. Get the VIN# off your engine, call SVT and give it to them, and they can match a build number to it! :nice:
  10. thanks do you know the ####.thanks :flag:
  11. 1-800-FORD-SVT :D
  12. Keep the 99 without a doubt.
  13. Unless you plan on not driving the Mystic to keep the value on that paint, I'd stick with the 99...Chips and dings aren't cheap to fix on the Mystic...
  14. Keep the '99.
  15. Get the mystic, very rare, and I think that body style is better.
  16. Actually, the mystic is one of the highest produced cobras out there as for color.
    the atlantic blue is like in the 400 range as an example.
    What is "so rare" about the Mystic Paint is the 96 was the very first of that kind of paint that held up in an automotive application. There were 2000 made. 1999 coupes and 1 convertible done by Saleen that was raffled off. Last I heard it was somewhere in the Tennesee area. As time goes on though, they are getting to be a rare. I have also heard that around 14 have met the wrecking yards and have been "processed".

    Keep the 99 till it is paid for. Get the Mystic only if you want to park it.

    Just my .02
  17. Like stated before, keep the 99, but get the mystic if you plan keeping the mileage low.
  18. Keep the black...!!!
  19. ^ Lolita, you're new. Try not to bring up two year old threads (such as this one) in the future.

  20. only mystic worth gettin is the 04. i mean i got the 98 cobra cuz i couldnt afford an 03 yet and i woulda just been dissappointed paying more for a mach 1 or 99/01 cobra and still not getting what i want. and if you do get the 96, you'd def wanna keep ur cobra R's for it cuz those stock rims are terrible.