Whats everyone favorite year classic mustang

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What's everyone favorite year classic mustang?

  1. 1964, 1965, & 1966

    42 vote(s)
  2. 1967, & 1968

    60 vote(s)
  3. 1969, & 1970

    45 vote(s)
  4. 1971, 1972, & 1973

    12 vote(s)
  1. What's everyone favorite year classic mustang
  2. there is only one Real mustang .....1969 FB . Although the 90 GT looks nice .
  3. I like the 67 and 68 mustangs
  4. i dunno how i can vote for this. i only like fastbacks hehe.......
    but on the fastback scale, its :

    65-66 are the greatest lookin cars ever
    then 69-70, they are a CLOSE second
    then 67-68 they are nice
    71+ :shrug:

    i guess il vote for first gen since theyare kinda my fav
  5. I's gots to be loayale. Moosestang's ROCK!
  6. 67-68 of course!
  7. 69 of course! No mustang screams MUSCLE like a black 69 sportsroof.
  8. I think I'm on the winning team with '65 & '66. :nice:
  9. not that im biased but 66-67
  10. Um....well...........maaaaaybe.....................1965:doh:
  11. Although I own a classic '65fb now, I like the '67fb better. It has more sophistication, looks more agressive, supports a wider range of engines, etc. I like the '68fb less because of the trim changes, grille changes, interior changes, etc. '69-'70 are nice cars too but they're getting bigger than pony cars should be.
  12. I voted 71-73, but anything with a fastback rocks!
  13. Well thats pretty interesting. The poll results so far are about where you'd figure them to be. Based on overall popularity, and sales for that matter.

    I'd have to say I like them in that order too.

    65-66 favorite
    67-68 next
    69-70 a bit less
    71-73 last
  14. always like 67/68

    i'm undecided about coupe or fastback tho........used to be on the coupe side but latly the fastbacks have struk my fancy.........

    and then its the 65/66 fastbacks......
    and i guess the 69/70 should get a mention
    Its the nose and taillights on the 71-73 i dont care for not the general over all size...
  15. 71' - '73 Mach 1's baybee. Then 69-70's.
  16. I think the board actually speaks for itself where as very few of us don't actually own our favorite already, so the poll is not too surprising. My picks are:

    69 Favorite
    67 Next
    65 A bit less (that one was for you Blake:p )
    71's and up last

    I think more importantly though is the why's not the what's. I like all the classic Stangs and wouldn't kick any of 'em outta tyhe garage for eatibng crackers, but I like the original model years on just about all as opposed to it's next year modified counterpart, ie: 67's more than 68's etc, and here's the why's for my choices.

    69's because of so many specifics for that year like last GT first Mach 1 only quad headlamp setup first true muscle car year etc. The list could go on for ever.
    67's because they are just too cool looking, first year with big block engines, Shelby's influence at it's best and a beautiful interior when done in Aluminum.
    65's because there just isn't much of a challange in the restoration and with the million or so made, they are everywhere. True they are the icon model that first hit's everyone's brain when you utter the term "Classic Mustang" but I see them more as the entry level man's car and not the Mustang enthusiaists car as much. (Boy, am I gonna catch sh|t for that one)
    71's because, well, they are the hardest to restore, they are truly Moosestangs and the farthest departure from a pony car that any car could be and I miss the classic muscle car cues that all got too modernized, like the door latchees and tail lamps, too disco for me plus I've just never been able to get that image of Mary Tyler Moore cruising around in one outta my head, definitly not cool.
  17. Watch Diamonds are Forever a couple times and wash the Mary Tyler Moore thing away. A nice Mach 1 and a young Jill St. John... {drool x2} :nice:
  18. :mad: I kill you! :mad:

  19. Of course I had to vote for the 1st gen. But it is an unfair question. I would love to have the 66 interior in a 67 fastback. They just never put all the different things that I like into a single model.
    My ranking is:

    1. 66 Fastback
    2. 67 Shelby
    3. 69 Mach 1
    4. 67 Fastback GT
    5. 66 Coupe ( Of which I have!)
    6. 64 1/2 Convertable
    7. 68 Shelby convertable
    8. 70 Mach 1
    9. All other 64 1/2 to 70 Fastbacks
    10. All other 64 1/2 to 70 Coupes