Whats everyone favorite year classic mustang

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What's everyone favorite year classic mustang?

  1. 1964, 1965, & 1966

    42 vote(s)
  2. 1967, & 1968

    60 vote(s)
  3. 1969, & 1970

    45 vote(s)
  4. 1971, 1972, & 1973

    12 vote(s)
  1. I've voted for '69 since I own this one and also '65 and '71. All of them are fastbacks. Of course, all of these cars have some pros and cons.

    Why don't we put a new poll which one is favorite, coupe, vert, or fastback? That should be interesting.
  2. 66 fastback,69-71:D
  3. I'd trade mine plus a few bucks for a '69 fastback in similar condition. That's what I really wanted, but fastbacks are hard to find an this one just came along. Not that I don't love it though.
  4. Here's the deal with me... I love 69 Fastbacks, imo one of the best 5 looking cars ever made. However, 69/70 Coupes and Verts just don't seem to flow with me (almost like the platform was designed specifically for fastbacks), and while they look pretty good, I don't think they can compete with my overall favorites... the 64-66

    I own a 66 Coupe, and (again, imo) the coupe, fastback, and vert all look awesome in the original trim. It is what a mustang is meant to be... a sporty, small sized car thats just fun to drive (the later mustangs get huge and muscle-car bodies and blocks, which is kinda cool but I don't think thats what the mustangs about).

    I expect the 67-68 segment to win out, because it seems like there are a ton of 67 owners on this board, but this is cool.

    All 70 and before look nice, just when you compare them...

    Then there are the 71-73s... They could pass for a dodge charger with how big they got. That and the engines got detuned, so you have a less efficient block with a freaking bus of a body. I can't say I really like this style, doesn't look aggressive and exotic enough, but hey, to each his own.
  5. this is probaly the most unbiased poll ever, but i'm gonna double what ratio411 said, fb's rock!
  6. I always have to go back to the first generation car that started it all.:D
  7. I like all the classic stangs. My favorite body style is the fastback. My stable currently has a '67 and I want to add a '69 some day.
  8. like the song says..questions 67&68......but hey i remember
    the sixties...
  9. Poll is pretty even...

    My favs are 64 1/2 - 66. 66 coupes have always been my favorite. Never really liked the fastbacks in the generation, but there are some really nice restomod fastbacks out there.

    Next comes 69-70, 67-68, and I dont really like any of the Mustangs between 71-98. They dont appeal to my anyway.

    99+ are pretty nice.
  10. It depends on the body style.

    Convert - 66
    Fastback - 69
    Coupe - 67 :D

    Actually, I like all body styles of the 67. :nice:

  11. What no '74 - '78 on the poll!!?? :D

    Well despite owning Mustang IIs, my favorite has to be the '67-'68 fastbacks.

    Then again the '64-'66 are nice too.....oh hell I like them all and would be proud to have any of them. :)
  12. I have a '66, but I would much prefer the '67 body style. The '67 has that sporty, mean, intmidating look, but 65-66 has a luxury, classy look. The '67 is my favorite.
  13. Originally posted by Pakrat
    I see them more as the entry level man's car and not the Mustang enthusiaists car as much.
    i must go along with blake on this one Pakrat must die:mad: :mad: :mad: :damnit: :uzi:
    ;) ;) :cheers:

    the 65-66 is the original and still the best! i do however like them all from first to current.
    remember though when jan and dean sang about the mustang it was about a 65 hipo.
  14. i voted 66 :laugh: no im not biased, ok ya i am
    i love the 70 fb but i like the 66 fb alot too and i think the original coupes look better than the 69 - 70 coupes
    no offense to anyone :flag:
  15. Like all of them, but my favorite is 69' FB

  16. I like the 1967 & 1968
    then the 69 & 70
  17. 69-70 all the way! But I agree that the rather "dumpy" looking 69-70 coupes hurt those years (sorry 69-70 coupe owners!!), as the coupe looks great in all prior years. But the 69-70 sportroof had all the right lines and curves, easily the most beautiful and balanced piece of design work. Bigger? So what, it's still a relatively small car. If you like tiny, buy a Bantam clown car. I fit alot better in 69-70 cars, plus there's more comfort, more legroom, much more stylish interiors, the largest selection of powerteams, the largest selection of performance models, etc.etc... I'll give the earlier years their respect (which is much deserved, I love all years), but there's a point where sentimental and symbolic fluff doesn't compensate for content, and I think the 69-70's are alot more car, alot more content, alot more style, alot more performance, for the dough. Then again, 69-70 Mach 1 values have been shooting through the roof lately, so maybe I'm wrong on the value gig.
  18. this thread should have been called "whats everyone year stang do they own" :) Almost everyone is saying their own year :)

    edit: except there's little love for us land yaucht owners :shrug:

    what's the big deal about being detuned? nothing a cam + headswap doesnt fix.

    :stick: my 3600lb 'mopar looking pig' is gonna see 12s by xmas :)
  19. Well when ya think about it, its sort of a self-fulfilling deal. Most people aren't going to put their money, blood, sweat and tears into a pony that they don't like as much as another. :shrug: