What's Everyone got going for Projects now that it is getting Warmer?

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  1. With the spring thaw upon us, what is evryone getting started on for projects?

  2. All the same ones as last year, the year before, etc. if you mean the Mustang. I guess it runs well, so why mess with a good thing? Meanwhile the new parts are collecting dust.:D
  3. 302 build on my 67, I have the entire motor ready for assembly minus the heads. Then find fenders and a hood for it and put the interior back together. Also try to get it back on the road.

    351C build for the mach. Plus fix the rust in the floor pans.

    Then with the 66 F100. I am thinking about buying a 70's 2wd 1/2 ton and parting it out. The taking that frame, narrowing it 4" and C notching it with a 4 link and Air bags. Then probably finding a fender and a hood and painting it.
  4. I just bought an engine stand and I'm going to borrow a hoist so I can pull out old Sadie's engine and start rebuilding it to drop into new Sadie. I'll also be stripping anything that's still good (ie not rusted) and worth something from old Sadie so I can have what's left of her hauled off.

    I've also ordered a Painless wiring harness so I can start on new Sadie's interior and re-wire her while I have everything torn apart.

    I'm hoping to have the interior done and new engine in by mid-summer.

  5. get my 65 fastback running! ive now got 14348.00$ in it and it doesnt even run got to put the new 4whl baer system on do the suspension,interior and wiring!
  6. Suspension kit for my 67:

    Leaf springs and racing shackles
    Front and rear sway bars
    Coil Springs
    Roller Spring Perches

    The parts have started ariving in the mail this past week... hope to get started by next weekend. Car drives fine now... just very dated (also rear sits lower than the fron with the original leaf springs and lower on the driver side as well).
  7. Cool projects all! Yesterday the final box of parts arrived so now I can finally start putting my 302 back together.
  8. I've got a 73 240Z that I'm almost finished with. That will fund my 72 240Z V8 project. Then a new engine for the Mustang.
  9. Step 1: Finish painting the garage floor with the epoxy stuff.
    Step 2: Finally drag the 68 out of my buddy's barn and to the house.
    Step 3: Who knows... Sit and stare at it I guess. Maybe sit in it and make engine noises...lol
  10. Passenger side suspension:
    clean, paint
    install GW uppers and stock lowers
    new spring
    new shock
    V8 spindles
    homemade disc brake system
    chrome shock tower cap

    and 100 other things that probably wont get done for awhile....
  11. Here it is.

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  12. 1. Make it run without ticking
    2. stop the overheating
    3. make custom center console
    4. install power windows
    5. get subframes welded on
  13. Well, they're not Classic Mustangs......

    ....but one is a Ford and one is a running horse:

    "Kelley" ('02 F150 5.4l - powered 4x4 S'Cab ) All breathing mods:

    1.)Better exhaust; thinking a Magnaflow SI/DO to exhale a little better without wasting too much torque. And, maybe I can hear the motor running in noisey locations! :p
    2.)CAI kit to let it inhale better
    3.)A Superchips or Troyer flash so the computer uses the mods wisely. Maybe a few more MPG - especially while pulling the horse trailer!
    EDIT: I know, krash; the MPG's are gonna suffer for a while after I do the exhaust; 'cause I'll be having too much fun listening to that 331ci SOHC roar through the shifts :rolleyes:

    "Dutch" ('92 one-horsepower all-hoof-drive Aaaay-rab) Performance and handling mods:

    1.)Keep pounding the glucosamine, MSM and a little more grain plus some looooong walks in deep soft sand to loosen his joints and build up his muscles.
    2.)Short repetitive walks in areas that spook him in order to get the goofy 'tard to realize I'm not going to take him anywhere that's gonna hurt him and cause vet bills that eat up my checkbook! :nonono:
    3.)A lot of time in the saddle to train out all the bad habits learned while the previous owner let his drunk buddies ride the horse. :bang:
  14. I just finished the last of my Winter project on COBRASK8:

    Added HAWK HP-S racing disc pads, what a difference!

    My Spring/Summer projects include continued bodywork, still wanting to do the hidden radio, and getting that damn carb to stop sputtering on hard stops!

    At my monthly Cobra breakfast...


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  15. My wife rear-ended a Mercedes last night, so I guess my next project is to pay off the coming insurance claim. Will I ever get to paint my car?
  16. Same as before Thanksgiving, just the weather is getting warmer now.......
  17. To drive and enjoy the car. :D

    I actually got to drive it last friday, but still has a lot of tuning left before I can really put my foot into it. So far I am impressed.
  18. Well i am going to show the stang but in the mean time this is my new project. Finaly got the old man to hand it over. I am planning on a full restoration. I am going to take this baby back to original condition. Its in great shape the way it is now, it starts right up and runs fine so i dont know how far i will go with the engine. I have lots more pics if any of you are interested.





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  19. Cool. I'll have to go out tomorrow and take a recent pic of Dad's bike. It looks completely different than it used to. He's hoping to get it back on the road in the next month or two.