whats everyones winter project?

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  1. Whats going in the stangs this winter?


    my plans are a 393 with afr185's and trickflow intake.
  2. Springs, struts, weld in my subs and crossbraces, and most likely bolt in a driveshaft loop.
  3. Rebuild the motor and trans in my '90GT AOD car and start the homemade single turbo setup for it. Get new wheels for my '95, as well as powder coating the brackets and misc. parts in black chrome.
  4. Winter Project

    Anderson Ford Motorsport Vortech Stage I kit
    2.95upper/7.00 lower
    Lucas 38# injectors
    ProM 80mm MAF
    Mallory HyFire VI w/3 BAR MAP sensor and boost retard
    AM Boost and Fuel Pressure gauges on the cowl
    New Motor and Tranny Mounts (polyeurathane)
    HPM Loop

    Going for 11s...
  5. AFR 165's, FTI cam, 80mm PRO-M MAF, Fox TB setup, re-build the ****ty T-5, SPEC Stage 2, aluminum flywheel, weld in my MM subs, and play with my new TwEECer.

  6. *Cartech T-64 OutlawTurbo kit (currently on order)
    *electronic boost controller
    *Fuel and ignition upgrades (nothing specific at this moment)
    *aftermarket H pipe and catback
    *Summit Aluminum Radiator and 180* thermo (doing this week)
    *A pillar as well as a few gauges
    *Cervini 3.5" cowl hood
    *AFS 17x9 (front) and 17x10.5 (rear) 03 Cobra rims and 255/40 and 315/35 Nitto 555r's

    Should be about it:D.
  7. RiceEating5.0-

    How do you get the h-pipe to work with the turbo? Wouldn't you want a y-pipe?

  8. The aftermarket shorty style (type made for longtube headers) X or H pipe will work. The turbo kit includes a Y pipe. This Y pipe splits into two and mates to an aftermarket H/X pipe.
  9. Performing the following:
    Dss 347
    tubular k-member
    weld in subframes
    loose some more weight some how
    track heat intake
    mickey thompsons E.T.streets
    long tubes
    shooting for 11s on motor

  10. polishing and cleaning up the engine bay, but the camaro will be getting in the way of that so just whatever i can get done i will live with.
  11. springs, struts, shocks, subframe connectors, drive shaft loop and a bullitt pedal kit.
  12. Adding some 24s...
    New hood...
    Scoring a TwEECer...
    New wheels, if things go well....
  13. This week I'll be doing Cobra brakes, and MM sub welding.
    The rest of the winter will consist of:
    MM panhard bar
    Smoked headlights
    some sort of audio (tape player broke)
    mount battery in trunk

    Either..MM front and rear coil overs
    or AFR 165's (can't decide where to spend income tax check $)

    Might sneak in a MM torque arm if business is good.

    We should pull this thread up in the Spring and see if we accomplish our goals.
  14. If the guy ever sends me my heads....I'll be having these parts installed...

    Edelbrock Performer RPM upper/lower
    Trick Flow Twised Wedge Heads
    Trick Flow Stage 1 Cam
    3/8" intake spacer
    Edelbrock Throttlebody
    Edelbrock Elbow
    New gaskets and bolts for all of this of course

    Hopefully gettin part of my tattoo before christmas or for christmas

    Vortech S-Trim, MAF, injectors....they're gonna have to wait till I have enough money to buy gauges, chip, tune...etc..
  15. My plans are trying not to total it in the snow :D
  16. It's not like we have much of a winter down in sunny Florida, but finishing the rear suspension, a roll cage, new brakes, and starting the new motor are on the list.

    Suspension -
    Still undecided on the MM torque arm and a home built panhard bar or Evolution Motorsports watt's link and 3-link. I'll get it figured out soon.

    Roll Cage -
    Nothing fancy here. Probably just an Autopower 6-point cage.

    Brakes -
    I'm leaning towards a 13" Stoptech setup but the cost of the 4-pot brembos or 6-pot Wilwoods are appealing. I may go cheap and get some 13" Cobra's. :shrug:

    I really need to do the math, but an aluminum block 347 with twin turbos is planned. I figure if I can do it for under $15K I'll go for it, even if it will take me 3-years to finish.
  17. My Cartech Outlaw Turbo is on order and that will be the biggest project. Building my speaker box and installing the amps and XM. New ABS sensors since we had to beat them off to change gears. Clean interior until it shines. Put subframe connectors on. And speed Cal.

  18. The only thing I have planned for now is to sell my 94 and purchase a 98 Vortech S/C'ed Chrome Yellow Cobra. And if all goes well it should happen in a week or two.
  19. Hopefully working on the single turbo kit, tremec trans, and a roll bar.
  20. finish the 347

    I have been working on the new stroker for a while now.

    Have to pull it out and put in a new oil pump driveshaft. broke the first one somehow. any ideas what causes that??

    than I have to put it back together and hopefully do some serious tuning.

    just bought my new cherry picker and engine stand today, so I am ready to rock and roll.

    after the tuning it's just break her in and get some rubber for the 17's. and a new cobra r hood of course so it don't feel naked.

    hope to get her dynoed sometime next summer.

    good luck guys