whats everyones winter project?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 95StocK50, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. I'm going to sleep a lot so I can dream about what I want....

    Just kidding. I'm in the market for a new intake and some of Eddy's new Performers with 1.9/1.6 valves. Thats what I would want, but with my luck something always comes up.

  2. I have Ported E7s and Gaskets to throw on.

    and run 12s on e7s :rolleyes:
  3. 1. build 306 long rod, W/ forged pistons/rods and a main support
    2. step up to the 175shot
    3. custom dyno tune
    4. blow up t5

    too bad I have the aod out of the Bronco, since I had the 302 ready to pull and had to get it running for a few weeks (short block more than a little messed up right now in the GT :nonono: )

    instal d.s. safty loop
    instal ssm lift bars w/ trq box reinforcments
  4. im hoping to buy my mustang
  5. Must say, there are some ambitious winter projects here. I wish you all luck!
  6. My winter project is to have my band play enough gigs so that I can save money to afford my spring project. Full tune-up, lowering springs, shocks/struts, control arms, subframes, etc. I just want to re-do the suspension so it handles great (street setup). Any suggestions are appreciated.

    o/r h pipe and u/d pulleys are on my x-mas list too!! :nice:
  7. Same thing as my summer project...

    The continued buildup of my 425 Buick-powered '50s style T-Bucket!

  8. complete this horrid twin turbo setup :) :banana:
  9. Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads

    FMS X Cam

    FMS 65 MM TB

    1.6 RR

    24# Injectors

    New Push Rods


    Head bolt kit/ Timming Chain

    Sending out the Cobra Intake in the Spring to be Ported to match the Heads
  10. Heres mine:
    S trim - everything to go with it- 42#er's, pro-m, power pipe, BTM etc etc
    FTI cam
    1.6 rockers
    Water injection
    Live wires
    rear locate battery to trunk
    assortment of gauges to keep an eye on things
    255 intank pump, 255 inline pump
    Clutch - spec 3
    Rear welds to match my skinnies with Et streets
    shift light
    UPR stainless raid cover
    Put my UCA's in
    Get car repainted finally!! - well if i have enough money after all these mods. :bang:
  11. Buy a motor stand and start buying stuff to add to it. Most likely a FMS 342 with all edelbrock parts.

    On the 89, I'll probably do a new battery and a 3G alternator upgrade, tint the windows and add a stereo. It also needs new headlights. :rolleyes:
  12. Tubular K-member
  13. P&P E7's
    E303 cam
    Racing steelies with cheater slicks (to be put on in summer)
    3.73 or 3.55
    Explorer intake?
    Aluminum Driveshaft?
    MAF w 24#'s?
    70MM TB?
  14. I have my work cut out for me:

    -New crank/pistons/rods
    -GT40 or AFR 165 heads
    -Cobra intake or a Performer 5.0/Performer 5.0 RPM-II
    -Some sort of CAI
    -24 lb. Injectors
    -Pro-M MAS
    -70mm T-body
    -Performance Distributers "Firepower Ignition" kit
    -1.6 RR and new lifters
    -New clutch; I have no idea which to get
    -Ford 3.73 gears and alum. driveshaft (putting in this weekend)
    -Various suspension work: shocks, struts, springs, sub-frame connectors (damn my 'vert!)
    -Wider tires: Kumho MX's 295/35/18 or 285/35/18's
    -Cobra 13" brakes

    Probably more to my list but can't remember. Thank you Christmas bonus!

  15. do my baer brake kit on the back after i finish pollishing the calipers and my matrix brace and jacking rails and smoe more body mods i'll show you guys in the spring right killer !!!
  16. Hopefully, a used S-trim.............................
  17. My winter project just made about a 180 degree turnaround from a simple motor rebuild to now a Cobra R clone. after the first of the year the 351W and rebuilt T-5 will go in, followed by cloth seats and rear seat delete panel. After that is done probably 3.73's and cobra R wheels. Leaving right now to go look at this "monster" 351 my friend has for sale, we'll see if it truely live up to his building. :rolleyes:
  18. :( Nothing...trying to buy a house.
  19. TFS Twisted Wedge Heads
    TFS Cam

    Hope to get it done and running before durring winter break before school starts back up :) Having the parts just sitting around is killing me