Whats happenin?

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  1. Hey all, Long time no see!
    How is everyone doing?
    I am doing well, Recently got a new toy, a 99 Ranger xlt x-cab sport 4x4.
    Hope all are well!
  2. Hello again, buddy! I finally got my engine project going at full steam (check out my site in my sig).

    How's life treatin' ya?
  3. Wow, havent seen you in ages! How are things going, life ,'O , etc?
  4. Hey I am doing well!
    Just been way swamped working on the house, and spending time with My Daughter.

    Now that I am getting caught up I shall start working on the 87 again, gotta get the N2O Installed, exhaust, new turbo etc.

    Hopefully I can be around a bit more, Just got a new pc at home, so I am finally back online after a few months off.
  5. good to see you on again Jay, looks like things are gonna be back on track.

    Wondered if you had died.
  6. Sadly, that is not too far from the truth! Long story for a different day. I will have to shoot you a pm soon so we can catch up!!!

  7. Nice to see you are around again...
  8. Hey man thanks!

    Hopefully I can get that downpipe on my car soon :D

    So what has everyone been up to?
  9. Hey butthead!

    Get on AOL sometime so we can shoot the **** like the old days, eh?
  10. dude! I will! my new aol is svohouserulez, hit me up!