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  1. I must say first and foremost that I am thrilled to see SVT bringing out the next in a long line of hot mustangs. BUT.... I have a big gripe with the name. Think about it... Ford SVT Shelby Mustang Cobra GT500. Its a gimmic. Ford threw the Shelby GT500 name on there to sell cars. This car was not designed by or built by Shelby America. This is a Ford SVT product. Being a proud SVT Cobra owner, this car doesnt feel like the next Cobra. The only Mustang SVT should build should be the Cobra and it should be called Cobra. Its a case of badge enginering. When I see that car I see an awesome mustang but it feels like someone is trying too hard to get attention by throwing the Shelby name at it. It would be the same as Saleen going out of business and 20 years down the line Ford building the "Ford SVT Saleen S351 Mustang". Its not a Saleen and this car isnt a Shelby. I am not trying to bash Shelby, I am a huge fan of his products. I absolutely love the GT350's. Its like the 84 Mustangs with rocker pannel strips that said GT350,those cars had nothing to do with Shelby. Ford just threw the name on the car to sell more Mustangs. Same story 21 years later. The Shelby name is one that brings up lots of emotions within the Mustang and muscle car community. Dont cheapen it up by thowing his name on a product he didnt build. From a long time mustang fanatic my advise is to call the car what it really is... the next mustang from SVT. Call it the Ford SVT Cobra.

    I would love to hear what everyone else is thinking. I have been thinking about this since the day I first saw the new car and something just didnt sit right with me imediiately.


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  2. My thinking . . . who cares what they call it, could be named a Pinto for all I care, just bring on the beastie.
  3. I tend to agree with RedGTvert here. The people are not buying the car for the name, sure Shelby causes a lot of emotions in muscle car fanatics, but I think most people will buy this car for the 450+HP and styling, not necessarily the name. That is why I would buy one. Like he said, bring on the 'Pinto' as long as it is a beast.
  4. i think you need to think about more important things

    that sure is a big rant over nothing.
  5. Well this car may have not been built buy Shelby America but Carrol Shelby himself was part of the creation process for this car. As far I as I know, he was signed on for the creation of the next Cobra by Ford. I don't know what part he had, but whether it be design or engine I'm still thrilled to see the name back on the car. Shelby Cobra was the original; without it SVT probably would be nothing or worse not even exist (SVO for that matter). I'm not trying to bash SVT either, but you always have to remember where something came from to see where it's at or heading. I'm also sure that's it's also hype to sell the Cobra's too; although they have enough with the new body. We all know since Gone in 60 Seconds the GT 500 is more legendary now because people like to join the bandwagon. But I've loved Shelby's way before the movie came out, hell I love Mach's, Boss', CS's(California, Coloroda, & Country Speicals), Tornado Edition's, and even the Europa versions too. Those were all cool cars that give the Mustang name character, so I'm glad to see the GT 500 name be put back on the car for that reason, the reason of fans but not the reason for money like GI 60Secs. and I'm sure both reasons are a big part of it. Plus, the 330ci is the biggest engine the Mustang has had since '73 so it's cool to see a BB(in today's standards) in a Mustang and see the corrisponding GT 500 name on it.
  6. Technically not true. The 95 Cobra R had a 351.

    This "Pinto" will be the most powerful factory Mustang ever, even more than the king of the hill Boss429.
  7. I don't think it's a big rant over nothing. However, I think Frdmstng was just a little mislead. Ford SVT teamed up with Carroll Shelby to build this car, so there's nothing wrong with his name on it. If he had nothing to do with it, as Frdmstng was lead to beleive then I'd have to agree that it shouldn't be called a Shelby.

    To the above poster who said that people don't buy cars for the name, I'd have to disagree. While people like those on this site will look at the engine power, etc as the determining factor, I gaurantee you that there are people out there who will buy a "Shelby" just so they can say, "I drive a Shelby." It's all about marketing
  8. I stand corrected. To bad there were only 250 made though :rolleyes:

    And I'm not sure what you meant with the Pinto comment. Are you talking about the II's?
  9. Well, I'm buying one!!! Got a deposit down and I'm #1 on my list, assuming my dealership isn't just blowing smoke up my arse.

    I am absolutely buying the car for the looks and power and for the handling capabilities, that svt is claiming it has. If it was called a shelby and only had a slick hood and 340hp, I wouldn't dream of giving them 40k+ for it.

    That said, I love saying, "I can't wait til I get my SHELBY! I hope it comes to pass that Caroll Shelby had a fair amount of input on this car. That would give me great satisfaction. As it is, I will still refer to it as my shelby. And 20 years from now when my son graduates, he will get dad's SHELBY.

    Am I a sucker for marketing, not usually, but I'm ok with being a sucker this time. This damn Car gives me wood!
  10. so then y do mustang owners have a problem with the charger name
  11. i wouldnt put Carrol Shelby and creation process in the same sentence.

    maybe 40 years ago.
  12. Mr pround Cobra owner, and where did the name Cobra come from - give you a clue it wasn't a Mustang.

    It was of course the AC/Shelby Cobra based on the AC Ace platform with a Ford V8. Creation of Mr Carrol Shelby after he left Aston Martin.

    So by means of coincidence your Cobra is as much attributed to Shelby as any Mustang also named Shelby.
  13. Well I would, and so would SVT. Or maybe I should of said "unique collaboration between performance car legend Carroll Shelby and Ford SVT." according to SVT's WEBSITE Shelby had a hand on the ball for the creation of this car.
  14. When we had it in the shop here at ArvinMeritor we (including ford employees) called it the cobra. And this was less than a week ago when it left.
  15. You think they would sell a lot if they named it the Ford Mustang Daffodil? Everything that isn't practical is a "gimmick." 450 HP is a gimmick. No street car needs that. It's all the gimmicks that make these cars worthwhile.
  16. I own a 1970 Shelby GT500 (which if anyone remembers is just a '70 428 Mach 1, with body mods) so they can call the damn thing a Shelby "anything", and I'm O.K. with it. Is Carroll making BuKu bucks for lending his name to this thing? You bet! do I blame him? No way! Carroll is a shrewd business man, and as long as the car performs well, he will sign off on it. Remember the Omni GLHS?, sure it was ugly, but compared against cars of its era, it was a screamer. so it got shelby's approval. too many people believe that this car cheapens the Shelby name, but if he only put his name on the likes of the GR-1, he would truly be selling out, to those he holds so dear... the budget minded racers, the working man who likes to work on his own ride, be it at the race track or cruising the streets, Anyone who has ever talked to the man will tell you, he's about as down to earth as they come. So bring it on, what ever it's called, my '70 needs a stable mate. :)
  17. How did you get on the 'list'? I didn't think that anyone was taking orders for it yet. How much was the deposit?
  18. When the car first made it's first auto show appearance, I went to my local ford dealership 3 times, before I could convince them to take 1000 deposit for the first shelby in Bakersfield to be sold to me at msrp.

    It is my plan to stop by in the next couple of weeks (buying a new house right now and it's taking all of my time) and have a sit down with the sales manager and write up something more formal than the reciept that I currently have. I'm also planning on dropping another 9k down just to emphasize my seriousness. For this I want their word WRITTEN that I'm the first one in my city. THAT WOULD BE NICE.