Whats In The Trunk??

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  1. So like anyone else, I like to carry a few spare parts for emergency reasons. When my distributor issues arose, I ordered one but my mechanic had a used one when i was there.
    But the brand new in the box(remanufactured motorcraft distributor) from napa came in and I'm gonna keep it. Doesn't have the TFI module but I'm gonna hunt down a deal for a mototcraft one and make it complete. The box isn't that big so it's gonna stay.

    I wanna know what kinda spare parts you guys carry around??

    In my DD I got, from what I can think of as spare parts....

    1.distributor - new
    2. belt - new
    3. few spark plugs, couple wires, rotor - all used
    4. starter solenoid- used
    5. vaccum line- new
    5. oil pressure sending unit - new
    6. fuses, various awg electrical wire & tape
    7. various bulbs
    8. (what you got???)
  2. I only keep a cap, rotor, 2 plugs, 3 different length wires, few vac lines and duct tape.

    along with a small tool bag with metric and standard wrenches/ sockets and some wire cutters screw drivers and such nothing special.
  3. Nothing but a battery. Anything happens, I'm assed out!
  4. cooler of beer and a 750 of sailor Jerry
  5. jimmy hoffa and a shovel
  6. I just want his money. you can keep the body.
  7. Dude, it's been almost 40-years since Hoffa disappeared. At this point, you'd need a dust buster and a zip lock back to carry him around in. The shovel is unnecessary. :D
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  8. Maybe he already in Tim Hortons can :shrug:
  9. *Jailor Serry by the end of the night
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  10. I've had a few of those :nice:
  11. I love that stuff. Blows Dunkin away.
  12. leave the gun
    take the canoli
  13. I walked half a mile in a damn blizzard to buy that stuff in Toronto and carried around 2 huge cans of it for 3 days because my wife had to have it. It's bland and I refuse to drink it.

    I carry some tools, an air compressor, a tire plug kit, a flashlight, and AAA card. Apply Murphy's law and you are ok. Whatever part you happen to have in the trunk is bound to be a part that won't fail on the car. Whatever tool you have in the trunk is bound to be the wrong size to fix the problem. Spend $160/yr on AAA and you will never break down to the point where you need a tow.

  14. See, I've never been a fan Tim Horton's coffee. IMO, I find it taste better and old, even when fresh. I'll drink their tea, but can't stomach the coffee unless it's loaded with cream and sugar.

    I'm more of a "diner" coffee kind of guy. Believe it or not, McDonalds coffee is really popular around here with the seniors. Follow the Senior Citizens man....they always know where the good stuff is. :D
  15. In my Mustang??

    Full size bullitt wheel spare tire
    1 qt of oil
    small tool box with misc tools
    breaker bar with correct size socket for lugs
    Spare TFI + TFI tool and supply of grease
    Sunroof storage bag

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  16. I like the last item the best!!!
  17. I just make sure I have my cell phone so someone can come pick me up with a trailer after I have a bad day..

    AR15? Not in Jersey... I wish
  18. ^^^^^Bwaaaahhahahaha!!! :rlaugh: awesome replies!!

    I had a chance for Tim Horton's coffee playing ball in Winnipeg, seems to be there Starbucks up there. They had a nice selection of yummy ass doughnuts too, I tried that Maple Cream one and I didn't stray from that piece of heaven!!!
  19. :poo: if you get pulled over with an unloaded cap gun in your trunk in jersey your in trouble. Lol