Whats is the top speed a stock 5.0 can do?

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  1. Has anybody tried do top speed a stock 5.0 mustang? If so what was the speed and at what RPM?
  2. it matters. i have seen some go around 140-150 topped out. Then theres a 347 lx that goes 178 mph top end with just a spoiler and covered air dam. so it aall depends
  3. I've seen 138MPH @ 4300 RPM in a stock setup minus the chip, which turned off the speed gov.
  4. I have buried the needle on my 140 speedo a couple of times.
  5. but with a new exhaust and intake, these numbers can greatly be increase.
  6. oh ya and dont forget, the fox body is one of the most unaerodynamic cars on this planet next to the E30 bimmers. I mean there just bricks with wheels.
  7. an old road test from the late 80's had it topped at 149,, the car couldn't pull redline in 5th gear
  8. That statement could not be farther from the truth. The FOX Mustang is the most aerodynamic Mustang ever made and LX hatch Mustang is one of the most aerodynamic car to ever be made in the USA. The LX hatch only has a .32 drag coefficient.
  9. r u serisous!!!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??! they seem so. . . so . . . .blcoky. Like look and a fox body and then a porsche and the lack of lines and curves just make them seem so UNaerodynamic. But hey you learn something new everyday.
  10. I saw a road test (car and Driver) with a 1987 Mustang GT verse Z28 the gt was a 5-speed and did 148!
  11. There is no speed governor.

  12. Where did you find those facts? Would you happen to know the drag coefficient of a fox coupe(notch)? Thanks
  13. no no, my trucks are bricks on wheels. The 73-87 chevy pickup line that is.
  14. Nope got ya beat, my 1995 Jeep Wrangler!
  15. i got mine to do at least 140 in 4th gear at redline was to amazed to shift to 5th gear
  16. My LX hit 142 stock, couldnt pull in 5th.
  17. I do know a bullet has .25 though just to compare. I heard an 89 LX hatchback was .34?
  18. I say 150 miles per hour. My speedo only goes to 85 for now. But my friend said I passed him like he was standing still in a GTI rabbit 1.8T she said he was doiing 125 MPH.
  19. I have a 93 lx with an aod,before I got my 3.73's I had 2.73's.At 60 mph,I was at 1500 rpm,at 80,it was 2000, at 100 ( thats the fastest I took it) I was doing 2300,I still had over 3000 rpm to work with!To bad I didnt live by the Bonneville salt flats!!
  20. I find it hard to believe that a fox body has a .32 drag coefficient. that's very good for a modern car, not to mention a 20 yr old design. I think the hardtop vette is .32 and it looks much more aerodynamic. :shrug: