Whats is the top speed a stock 5.0 can do?

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  1. The fox3 mustang has .39 CD the 94,95 fox mustangs have 0.35

    1987 - Cosmetically, the Mustang received a new front fascia, tail lamps, rear side window, and body-side moldings for both the base LX and GT . This new "aero-look" helped decrease the Mustang's CD to about 0.39 and increase top speed to about 145 MPH. (In comparison, the new fourth-generation Mustang has a CD of 0.35.)
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    In an October 1986 issue of Road & Track magazine, the Mustang GT edged-out the Camaro 5.7L IROC-Z in 0 to 60 times and Quarter mile speed. The GT sprinted to 60 MPH in just 6.7 seconds while the Camaro was ever so close at 6.8 seconds. Both cars reached the quarter mile in 15.3 seconds, but the GT's trap speed was 93.0 MPH; 3 MPH more than the Camaro's. Better yet, the 2-door 5.0L LX coupe could hammer the Quarter mile in mid-14s right off the showroom floor. WOW! (Mustang 3, Camaro 0)
  3. Was that GT an auto? 15.3 OUCH. Pretty cool though.

    Didnt the 88's beat the 88 vettes in the 1/4 mile also? I've heard that some where but forget where.
  4. Where have you been man? I havent seen you post in a long time?

  5. I'm still here, just not posting as much. I sold my Orange car and bought a clean slate to start with...so I've been keeping busy with that. I haven't posted any pics yet...but work is progressing!
  6. One thing you guys need to remember when you are talking about CD is designers often sacrifice CD for downforce. That is the reason the FOX hatch is more aerodynamic than a Porsche or a C5 Vette.

    I have been around these cars for a long time so I pick up info here and there. There was a thread about this a year or so ago. The notch is around .40, LX vert is .42. I don't remember the GT, but the GT vert is around .50.
  7. Bit is right, I don't know about the numbers but downforce plays a role. Spoilers and wings turn drag into downforce.

    The foxbody isn't a large car, that is part of it. It may be less effecient but doesn't have to punch that large of a hole through the air to move.
  8. what would the top speed be if you had a t56 6-speed in her?
  9. iwth her being a 5,.0 lx notch.
  10. Don't forget the Saleen wing, 17in Pony R's, and 3.73s. Oh yeah the Eibach lowering progressive rate springs.
  11. man i love foxbodys!!!!!
  12. How accurate is the speedo at those high speeds? I always heard the Fox speedometers weren't great to begin with and high speed just added to the inaccuracy. I saw 130mph in my car with the 3.55s but otherwise stock, and that speed was on a GPS, the speedo was reading over 140. I haven't had the courage to test again with the blower, but 5th gear pulls REALLY slowly and the car gets so floaty that I don't think I'll find out any time soon.

    Sure would love to build my Fox to run 200mph out in Nevada or Bonnieville. :nice:

  13. Very true..Steve did a test in early '87, where he took a stock lx mustang with 3.08 gears and did a top speed test..the car reached 141 mph. He took this same car, added the saleen kit, and springs and the car reached 149 mph...I believe the entire install took about 3 hrs, so the weather was pretty much the same during both tests.
  14. I always heard .36 for the GT, .38 for the LX hatch, and .40 for the coupe, I'm sure the 'verts are all 0.40+ regardless GT/LX.
  15. i have a 140 speedometer and i took it to 135 one night it was floatin like a piece of styrofoam im scared to take it any higher or go that fast again unless some $$ is on the line.
  16. Just think of how good it would be with a chopped roof, slanted windshield and a belly pan with some lowering springs. :nice: All minor stuff of course ;) Wasnt the berreta like .28 cd? I thought it was close to top honours? At least for its time.

    Coupes make too much turbulence at the back end to be really effective top speed cars, Mine gets right hairy at around 120 mph And I know the 351 with 3.73's can top out fifth but I have not the balls to try it. Maybe with some serious aero mods and some real rubber :shrug: Hell the end of the quarter mile is scary enough. Me thinks coupes should stick to auto - x and 1/4 mile stuff, they excel there.
  17. i drive a capri and i ran across the drag coeficients some where. all i remember is than the capri was .03 less then the mustang of the same year about .36. only thing i can tell ya about top speed is that i got scared about 5 g in 5th.
  18. A fox body coupe with a good drag coeficiency would be the Thunderbirds.
  19. the Ford GT90 has 0 curves on the entire car. VERY aerodynamic